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Hey kinks what's up y'all Happy Tuesday and welcome back to tegskinkytu!

So I Only Just jumped on the band wagon of using Apple Cider Vinegar to rinse my hair and the benefits have been tremendous! I am one of those people that suffer from tender itchy painful scalp and this rinse has been working wonders on my hair, so sit back relax and learn about why apple cider vinegar is good for your hair and how to make the rinse!


Cleansing and Clarifying Using a multitude of products on our hair – like serums, gels, sprays, and masks – leads to product build-up. All this sticky residue can leave the hair looking flat, dull and lifeless. One of the easiest ways to get rid of this accumulation and restore life to your hair is by using apple cider vinegar

Reduce Frizz
Frizzy hair is caused by lifted cuticles on the hair. Smooth down the cuticles with apple cider vinegar and you’ll enjoy an overall smooth, frizz-free mane.

Reduce Porosity of the Hair
Normal hair allows necessary am…


Hey Kinks what's up y'all happy Thursday, sorry this post is coming to you late in the night been a crazy day...

So my hair has been inspiring my life lately and I decided to make this post about the inspiration I have been getting from it...

SHRINKAGE: this is one of the greatest love hate relationship almost every naturalista have...  Shrinkage have taught me never to underestimate any one or any situation... Cos the length You See is not always the length it is... Treat everyone as though they are on equal length or will be one day... 

Drying up when exposed for too long: Just like your hair will dry up when it has been exposed for a long time to air, so your life can dry up when it is exposed to things or people that are toxic to your life and health.. Put your life up in a bun sometimes and tuck it away..  

Constant need for moisturising: What you water will grow... What you suffocate or stifle will die.. Just as your hair need steps to proper moisturising so does your life…


Hey Kinks what's up y'all it's Tuesday and you know what time it is... *In Mawi's voice* Post time....i shall be sharing with you five tips to help your hair whilst it's on protective styling so enjoy....

(1) Don't leave style IN for too long so as to avoid knots at the roots of your hair and accumulation of dirt

(2) Make sure your hair is properly taking care of before putting it in a protective style

(3) When taking down the braids, use your hand to finger detangle to get all the small knots and ties out

(4) Don't be afraid of this type of shedding 'Hair must fall' when you take it out

 (5) whilst your hair is in a protective style make sure to take care of your roots


Hope this simple quick tips have been helpful? Leave me a comment in the section 👇 down below...

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Talk soon Xoxo Tega Elizabeth Baah


Hey Kinks what's up y'all hope everyone is doing g great and having a splendid Saturday?...
So by popular demand this is going to be a  step by step post to prepooing or better still to how I pre poo my hair..

Things I use to pre poo my hair is

Aloe Vera
Coconut oil or Olive Oil
 Or usually do a mix of different oils (You don't need to do this I just like being fancy sometimes lol)

I have so many post on benefits of oils and Co so please do will to check them out...

The pre pooing step is pretty basic and straight to the point. It should take you about 45mins to properly complete your full hair..

Step one:

Divide your hair into four equal sections

Step two:

Take one of the section and divide a small bit

Step three:

Take a cut open Aloe Vera and apply it to the scalp (Generously if I may add)

Step four:

Apply the oil to the hair itself (semi generously)

Step Five:

Finger detangle (this step is very important to the rest of your wash day because it will make it easier for …


Hey kinks what's up y'all?  Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is having an amazing day?

So one of the most popular question I get asked all the time is HOW DO I USE OR APPLY THIS PRODUCT OR THAT PRODUCT?..

Let's go ahead and learn a few things about proper application methods for different products..

OILS: The best place to apply oils is dependant on the work or purpose of the oil.

For growth stimulating oils like Castor Oil, the best place to apply it would be the scalp, because that's where New growth come from and the follicles of the hair are made or broken at the root.

How often should you apply such oils? 

Answer: Every other day 

For Damage control oils, the best place to apply them will be to the ends of the hair to enable it penetrate and do it's work better.

How often should you apply such oils?

Answer: Every day until you see changes in your hair then switch to every other day.

SHAMPOOS: The work of a shampoo is a cleanser, shampoo is generally used to cleanse…


Hey there Ya'all Kinks what's popping in the building? Hope everyone is having a good time? It's another Tuesday so it's time for another post, and today I will be talking to you guys about LOC/LCO why you should consider practicing any of these methods, how to go about it and why it is important...

Let's start by answering the question WHAT IS LOC OR LCO? 

LOC OR LCO is a combination of three words which is
L - Liquid

O - Oils

C - cream

Or the other way round...

This  method of moisturising hair has been around for quit a while now. As a natural with one of the kinkiest type of hair, It is imperative that we keep the porosity level of our hair in check by always making sure that it is always moisturised and in good shape.
The LOC OR LCO method is a process of applying liquid oil and cream at the same time. 

Like I said before,  it is imperative that we keep the porosity level of our hair in control…

Five things that you might be doing wrongly to impair your hair growth

Hello wonderful and lovely kinks of the world! Happy Saturday and happy weekend...
So I am trying really hard to keep the consistency in my posting schedule, so let's get into it...

As a new natural or even if you have been in the game for a minute, there are always some things we don't do correctly or even are ignorant of. This journey is always a learning curve and process so here are some of the things you may be doing wrongly that affects your hair growth.

HEAT: Things like BLOW DRYERS, FLAT IRONS, CURLING WANDS etc these are all things that can affect the growth of your hair if over done so be careful not to over do it.
If you are going to dry your hair, do sir drying and if you want some curls in your hair use a rod set.

NOT SLEEPING IN A SATIN SCARF OR BONNET: I never used to believe in this theory, I just didn't get the fact that a satin scarf or bonnet can do anything for me,  but multiple studies have shown that using this reduces breakage and makes hair growth be…


Hey kinks what's up y'all? It's another Thursday and it's about that time to bring you a wonderful post!
And from the title I shall be talking to you about four oils that enhance natural hair growth.

And there are-

Hemp oil Castor Oil Coconut oil  Sweet Almond Oil 

Benefits of Hemp Oil and how it affects hair growth 

One of the most important  benefits of hemp oil for hair is its moisturizing properties. Hemp oil will prevent water loss and inject moisture into the hair and scalp.

Hemp oil also helps to enhance the growth of hair on the scalp in a number of ways. Among these is through the Omega3, Omega6 and Omega9 fatty acids, which are necessary in stimulating growth.

Hair is made of keratin, of which up to 90% is a protein. Hemp oil is able to provide this protein during growth as a basic element of the hair, especially when included in diet.

The oil also improves blood circulation on the scalp, which ensures that the hair follicles are nourished enough to support h…


Hey guys happy Tuesday and welcome to tegskinktyu...
Apologies for NOT telling you about the break I took but it was needed to revamp and make the blog look better.. As you know this blog was a fashion blog and it has been transitioned into a Natural Hair Blog  So it needed new interface, Outlook and general polishing...
I now have different segments were we can connect more and better just hit the search button and you will see different options and segment to visit..

As a part of taking blogging more seriously I will keeping a consistent posting schedule, blog post will be going up on TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND SATURDAYS so be on the look out for those days..
 You can subscribe and follow the blog so you can get instant notification when post goes up in other not to miss anything.

Now that we have that out of the way let's get straight into this post..
From the post title this is going to be TEN must haves a naturalista must have with them and I have divided it into FIVE PRODUCTS …