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Hey kinks, happy weekend... Let's chill and have fun this weekend and by fun I mean sleep on the bed and watch how I met your mother all weekend lol.

So as weekend is upon us so it's wash day, hence this post to bring you a home DIY shampoo to make your life easier...


Half bar of African Black Soap  Olive Oil  Honey  Jojoba oil  Vitamin E Castor oil  HOW TO MAKE
Cut the half Bar of Soap into very tiny small bits for easy dissolving 3 table spoon of the Olive, JoJoba, and Castor oil.  2 table spoon of honey 1 tablet of Vitamin E Pour half a jar of warm water and let it melt into a good ole bar of goodness lol 
Pour into a more convenient bottle

Hope this post have been helpful to you. Leave me a comment down below if you have any more questions 
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Talk soon Xoxo Tega Elizabeth Baah 


Hello Kinks and Coils Divas how are you guys doing? Hope everyone is doing great?...

So one of the most conversation I have with most naturalistas is the fact  that they want full and natural hair immediately  (instant gratification)...
Someone's hair can be your hair goals but there is no pills or potions to make your hair become full and long overnight consistency is key.

Understanding your hair type is very good and important cos that helps you to know what product will or will not work for your hair... However you have to be consistent after you have achieved this first hurdle..

Treat your hair like New born babies that work with a sleep schedule, As a new or old natural hair woman your hair needs a consistent routine to grow and flourish...

Consistency not only gives you fuller and longer hair but it also helps you to avoid damaged scalp growth and irregular hair pH level. Because all required process needed for your hair to grow will be carried out at a specific routine...


Hey kinks happy Sunday! How are you guys doing? Hope everyone is doing great.

So today I will be brings you  steps to revitalise your hair whilst keeping your curl pattern or your wash and go curls.

Before your carry out these steps make sure that your hair have been previously held down by a gel and the gel still has a hold on them curls.
Lets get into the steps………………..

Wenaturals hemp oil and whipped shea butteDIY HAIR MAYO CREAM DIY ALEO JUICE GEL (check previous post) 

STEPSPart hair into small sections Spray with aloe juice gel Slightly or lightly finger detangle just the tips of the hair Massage the shea butter in (or any smoothen cream of choice) Seal the tips of your hair with hair mayo to protect ends from breaking and frizzing Apply hemp oil to scalp and message in to stimulate growth Let it air dry for a few minute 

Cover with a Satin scarf or bonnet!

Hope this post have been helpful to you, do well to leave a comment in the comment section down below.

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