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Hey kinks what's up y'all? Happy weekend darlings..

So based on the numerous questions on hair growth, here are three reasons why your hair isn't growing.

YOU COMB IT ALL THE TIME: I have stressed this IN  my hair journey that I don't comb my hair all the time. In fact one of my new year's hair resolution is to comb my hair less this year..  So I take finger detangling serious and I am patient with it. Combing of natural hair (which is already hard in the first place)causes SERIOUS tension to your hair follicles and breaks your hair more than it would if you just finger detangle!.  

YOU DO NOT MAINTAIN A HAIR ROUTINE: like I have said in previous post you have to be consistent but not just consistent, you must have a hair routine or regimen.. Your hair has to be accustomed to a specific method.. It's not everything that is flying in the market that you should do (Charley trust me I learnt the had way).. There are a lot of DIY's out there but you have to be c…


Hey kinks what's up?  Hope y'all having a great week?...

So I posted this
  picture a couple of days ago and I opened the gate way to more rants from my fellow naturalistas that I have been getting a lot this year..  So I decided to do this blog post.... Here are a few  points to help you with your hair frustrations and I as give the points, I will take you through my hair journey of almost three years (3 in October)

WHY DID YOU GO NATURAL? When people complain to me about their hair the question I ask is why did you go natural? Was it because it's a trend?... For me being natural is more than just what is growing on my head.. I wanted to redefine the definition of the world's standard of beauty, the chemicals in the relaxer is very bad and will eventually damage my hair forever (and I didn't want that), I grew into my own and I wanted to nurture what God naturally gave me.. When I made these resolutions my hair frustrated me less..  


Hey kinks what's up y'all?..

So based on request I will be doing this post.

Let me state here that you don't have to add all this to your pre poo you can just keep it simple and use one oil. But if you are extra like me then go for it and all these benefits to your hair.

Olive oil

1/4 cup

Coconut oil

1/4 cup


2 table spoons

Wenaturals hemp oil

2 covers

Aloe Vera
I use the aloe vera on the roots of my hair before I start the prepoo process..

You can do this and wait for 30mins before wash but to get and absorb all the benefits I do it over night!

Hope this post has been helpful to you, please share if you have other pre poo method!

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Talk soon Xoxo Tega Elizabeth Baah


Hey kinks what's up people?...  So let's get straight into the post!

So if you are a true naturalista you will know that wash day can be some sort of tedious init?...  They are a lot of rituals that most be observed on wash day... So am going to be sharing three beneficiary ones with you..  There are quit a few though (which I will be sharing soon).

USE A COTTON TEE-SHIRT INSTEAD OF A TOWEL: So this is a rule that just came up about some years ago but I ignored it for the longest time, but I started doing it last year and am telling you it helps a lot. It reduces frizz and breakage, it reduces the rate at which your hair will shrink on wash day and it prevents your hair from being stripped of all the goodness you already done to your hair! 

ALWAYS PRE POO BEFORE WASH DAY: I know I know I talk about pre pooing alot but am telling you this is a very important step in the hair routines. Some people like to prepoo 30-60 minutes before actual washing, but I like to do it over night…


Hey kinks happy easter Monday!  I hope we are all doing great?

So as the title implies I will be showing you two very easy home made DIY deep conditioners to give your hair that glow and rejuvenation it needs.

The first one is the:

MAYO DEEP CONDITIONER Ingredients: Mayonnaise, eggs, honey and olive oil

Measurements and benefits of these ingredients 

6 spoons of mayonnaise


 The vinegar present in mayonnaise helps to maintain a healthy pH balance which in turns restores damaged hair.Using mayo helps define curls by treating dryness and frizz.Mayonnaise helps seal the hair’s cuticle shut which keeps moisture from the atmosphere from sneaking into your hair shaft. This keeps your hair calm and smooth.

2 eggs


Sulphur in egg yolk stimulates the scalp and increases hair growth. Egg White: Egg whites are one of the best sources of protein. Protein makes hair follicles stronger. They also contain folate and other minerals that stimulate hair growth…


Hey kinks how are you guys doing?  Happy Easter everyone! I hope you know the reason for the season?.... The price Jesus paid for us on the Cross is not to be taking lightly, because of him we can now enter boldly into the thrown of Grace and obtain mercy.. Let us reflect on his life and death and the thankful for him and we strive to walk in his perfect light daily!.

So  Back to the post... Sharing with you guys three ways to make sure your twist outs is BOMB!

ALWAYS USE A BASE CREAM FOR A TWIST OUT:  If your hair is dry and flaky well expect a dry and flaky twist out.. Always always moisturize your hair before a twist down for a twist out and when I say use a base cream; there a wide range from what you can choose from I like to use coconut base cream for my twist downs. The flaxseed pudding have been flying in the market of late so you can try that!. 

ITS BETTER TO TWIST HAIR WET: I have come to discover that whenever I twisted my hair wet the twist out is always bomdigidi. The mois…


Hey there lovely kinks how are you guys doing?  Hope everyone is doing exceptionally well?..

This post is going to be a review and I will be reviewing the tinker tresses bonnet.

What is that or who are  they? You ask, the tinker tresses bonnet is an online store that sells satin bonnet for natural hair people or even texturised  or relaxed hair.

Now to my review

PACKAGING The packaging is nothing fancy at all, it comes in a plain wrap and it is delivered in a Pink nylon nothing too fancy..
I am guessing it's a start up coming so I will give them a pass, but however as time goes on I will advice they step up their packaging game!! Cos people are attracted to what they see

PRICE It is very affordable, when I first came across them on instagram, I thought It was going to be a bit pricy so I was ready with my money lol but shocker!  It was affordable one of them goes for 20 Ghana Cedis.. *AFFORDABLE!!*

SEWING (FINISHING)   The sewing (finishing)  of it is neat and seamless and it fits p…


Hey kinks how are you doing? hope everyone is doing exceptionally well? so today i am going to be sharing with  you ten healthy ways you can manage shrinkage.
Before i start let me just mention it here that  as a 4type hair natural, your hair is going to shrink no matter what you do and it is actually a sign of healthy hair living. So lets get straight into them. STYLES: Some particular hair styles can actually help your shrinking hair life, the best way i like to stretch out my hair is to put it in a Bantu knot, it not only stretches it out but it is also stylish. I do not like applying heat to my hair at all, i try my possible best to stay away from heat application so this is a very efficient way of stretching out my hair.
AFRICAN THREADING TECHNIQUE: This is basically how our mothers wore their hair in the good ole days and it stretches out your hair beautiful..
MAKE SURE THAT YOUR HAIR IS NOT LEFT OUT FOR TOO LONG: Now I am here for the cute twist out and all and other beautiful ha…