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Tomboy Vibe

Hey Zamunda!...
Happy almost weekend.... Hope you guys have been having a good week?..
People that know me well know that once I get into a particular style...  (side-eyeing) It's going to take a while to get out...

Right now am feeling the tomboy vibe and I have been playing with it since the beginning of the week...  Will just give three basic essential to have when you want to play with the tomboy vibe

Baseball cap: This is the first thing you need to have, it's great for bad hair days (like I have been having) and it gives the whole outfit a real tomboy vibe.. Cool pair of foot wear: Be it sneakers, Timberlands whatever you want to have to rock the tomboy vibe is cool.. But make sure it's not heels or sandals..Great Pair of glasses: It makes you look soft like a girl but also gives you that badass feel and look.. 

These are good tips to rocking the tomboy in you...   Now the last time I shared my top ten music and the messages I got, you guys seem to like that kind of …