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Spoken Piece|| THE ONE

Hey Zamundans....  Happy new year!... I guess I had to wait to the 10th to put up a new year'a post init?...  Sorry for the delay, will try to do better! Love you guys and I hope you enjoy this poem! And let me know if you can relate to some of the lines! 

When am the one, the stupid one that is in the crowd  The one that has no attribute giving to her  The one that is not referred to as something  The one that is slowly pushed in the corner  The silent fool that nobody calls that in my face but thinks it The one that her mind is being fucked with and used  All they need you for is help and using  The one nobody tells the truth  The one that forces to keep a relationship alive  No am not Cinderella am the stupid younger step sister  The one that helps her big sister get the prince  For a long time my existence was meaningless  All I needed was that one power to say NO  But building up the strength was the difficult part  You would be surprised at what not having will power can do to you  One day I …