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Hey Zamundans... How are you guys doing?...
So the post title is called 2015 because I got inspired by a blogger 'friend' about her 2015... 
So am going to be sharing some of my 2015 moments, highs and lows; lessons and stuff.. 
So in the beginning of 2015 I was just coming out of a very very dark place in my life a.k.a depression.. I had lost my last surviving uncle in the previous year after loosing the other ones in past years so yeah I was pretty messed up... I made up my mind to stop self destructing mentally and move; push through mental struggles.. 
I also decided to take a bold step and start up my career..( now I have always wanted to do something with tv, talk show and acting to be precise).. 
So I moved to Ghana and started the hustle.. 
It was interesting and fast in the beginning cos I had all these people saying 'oh yes we want you we are going to do so and so and so together' so I was very excited and pumped.. After finding out that most of the time these people just think am a fool and want money from me, things began to slow down for me.. Like from 100 to 20 slow.. 
Still the part of my career I decided to take matters into my own hands and at the letar part of the year, I produced a talk show series and a movie (both will be out next year) this is the summary of my career!..
Now to love life nothing changed much in 2015 well I would say that the invisible walls were cracked open a bit but.... Let's just leave matter for Matthias (lol) 
My mental health was a roller coaster this year what!!!!! The things I learnt about myself, about people, about my surrounding it was like wooooo!.. 
Few lessons are 
- People will want to take you for granted at every opportunity they get, and it's not you it's just people and thats how people are 
- I learnt not to force it!... If you don't belong in a circle or with some people just don't force it!
- I am more loving than I give myself credit for, cos in this year my love has been thrown back in my face so many many times and I still wake up and say I love! (Now I don't mean romantically) 
- When I was younger all I wanted for was for mother to leave me alone lol.. Now all I want is for her to be here 24/7
- studied the signs of depression and whenever I was slipping back into it.. I changed the causing effects! 
These were some of my mental realization... 
To my physical health;..... I was going to type a long story for you and give you list of excuses which some of them made sense but I just became lazy and slacked! I added a few pounds back! 
So in summary cos I don't want to make this a long 'beautiful rubbish' i will just point out somethings randomly about the year 
- I learnt a lot about loving in this year 
- When I set my mind to something... Child!!!!! It's hard not to want to stop 
- Strategising was an important skill I had to learn this year 
- I don't have to talk to my friends everyday but I know they have my back!
- People changed in this year, some for the better others for the worse!

so finally let me just write my achievements, Highs and Lows

-Wrote, acted and Produced my very first film under the mentorship of the veteran Paulina Oduro.... 
-Wrote, hosted and Produced my very first talk show 
- Organised music events in Ghana which ended up being successful 
- Found peace within myself and learnt how to control what goes on in my mind 
- Stayed away from sodas as much as possible YAS GAWD! am sure I didn't drink up to half pack of sodas in this year! Amen! 
- I was able to open up about love (romantic kind) which if you know me is VERY HARD to do 

-My mum's birthday 
-Meeting my mentor Paulina Oduro 
-Any celebration my family had 
-My brother buying his first house on my birthday 
-My mum acquiring a new shop... Yaaahh man! 
- My dad getting promoted 
- Opening the lines of communication with my baby sister 
-When two of my best friends came to visit Ghana 

- With all going on, I noticed I became more lazy in a way (to do stuff) 
- Jeezzzz my blog suffered that laziness the most 
- allowing depression to take over sometimes 
- Knowignly being fooled and let it continue for a while.... 

Okay I think I should stop here... 
What has been your 2015? Please do share maybe I can Learn a thing or two 

Talk soon xoxox 
Tega Elizabet Baah 


  1. Your 2015 was definitely a lot! Lol, but that's life. Congrats on your career growth. Up up you go!

    2015 was an absolutely great year for me, not like I didn't have "downs" but I prefer not to dwell on them.
    I started taking big steps in my career,landed some pretty impressive styling gigs, registered my company, started my diploma in fashion styling, improved my relationship with my family, and Oh! I also learnt to treat my partner like the king he is(after God of course).

    Emotionally, I was really stable...unlike past years when I'd drown in grief and depression. My self concept got better, I began appreciating my natural beauty( hair, skin, etc).

    I can't even begin to talk about my increase in spirituality!!!! God has been too good!!! My highs in 2015 totally outweighs the lows.

    But One 'low' I'd never forgive myself for, is not launching my blog to the public as I planned. But thank God I have 2016 to catch up on lost times.

    Can't wait to see what 2016 has for us!

    1. Aww Ej thats so nice... I low key look up to you when it comes to relationship!... We can only go higher from here in 2016


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