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Hey Zamundans... How are you guys doing?...So the post title is called 2015 because I got inspired by a blogger 'friend' about her 2015...  So am going to be sharing some of my 2015 moments, highs and lows; lessons and stuff..  So in the beginning of 2015 I was just coming out of a very very dark place in my life a.k.a depression.. I had lost my last surviving uncle in the previous year after loosing the other ones in past years so yeah I was pretty messed up... I made up my mind to stop self destructing mentally and move; push through mental struggles..  I also decided to take a bold step and start up my career..( now I have always wanted to do something with tv, talk show and acting to be precise)..  So I moved to Ghana and started the hustle..  It was interesting and fast in the beginning cos I had all these people saying 'oh yes we want you we are going to do so and so and so together' so I was very excited and pumped.. After finding out that most of the time these peop…

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