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               Tiny Senegalese twist 

Hi Zamundans.... 
I know you people are tired of me and my random 'unannounce' breaks I take..
I know am tired of it too..
And I don't want to talk about why so that it will come as a surprise to you guys but just know that it is work related and I am very grateful for it...

           Bantu/china bumps twist out 

Since I haven't had the time to take pictures or even get time to do a shoot with any photographer I just donr take full pictures anymore... Most of the time I do selfies..
And since these days am in the natural hair flavor, I rock my natural hair most of the time... 
And I get one thousand and one questions whenever I post a picture on social media so as the post title implies I am going to be talking about my hair..

              Side updo big twist out 

Now I haven't done anything out of the ordinary to my hair it's just appropriate care and treatment I give to it... I will share a few tips on how to take care of your natural hair and answer some of the most asked questions...
(1) As an African with natural hair NEVER EVER leave your hair out when you are at home or overnight... If you are in always braid it up and if you have to be out, my lover tie it up or something...

            Tight twist out updo 

Benefit of this is that it reduces the rate at which your hair shrinks and it always keeps your hair soft 
(2) Oiling and moisturizing your hair is the way of life of naturalistas... Leaving your hair dry will cause it to break, be nasty and flaky (that's not cute) 
(3) Avoid heat as much as possible hot combs, flat irons, blow dryers etc avoid all of that 
(4) Avoid combing your hair as much as you can to maintain a curl pattern and if you must come I will advice you use a soft surface hair brush ( I use the black shoe brush; rachet... I know) 
(5) When you wash your hair, honey braid that thing up immediately it enhances your curl pattern.... 

                Messy front bangs 

What dye did you use?
I can't remember the name and my friend  ( who takes care of everything tega's hair) helped with that. 

How often do you wash your hair? 
Once every week (which is actually suppose to be once in two weeks but because of the kind of job I do, I am exposed to dust a lot and with plenty oils in my hair..... I gats to wash it) 

Do you deep condition? 
Yes I do, but I haven't been able to do it for a while now but it is recommended that you do it once a month for a healthy hair... 

What product do you use for your hair?
My friend like I say 24/7 takes care or my hair. But the product includes everything natural from Shea butter to lemon grass..

                   Fro yoooo 

Where is she and how do we reach her?

Her business name is Khandy Kay and she is located in Weija Accra Ghana but she does shipping to customers everywhere 
+233 208563023

                 Sixties Afro vibe 


  1. Ello Bae! Could u pls post demo pics of the curls and knots b4 u take em out? Thanks!


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