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Tiny Senegalese twist 
Hi Zamundans.... I know you people are tired of me and my random 'unannounce' breaks I take.. I know am tired of it too.. And I don't want to talk about why so that it will come as a surprise to you guys but just know that it is work related and I am very grateful for it...
           Bantu/china bumps twist out 
Since I haven't had the time to take pictures or even get time to do a shoot with any photographer I just donr take full pictures anymore... Most of the time I do selfies.. And since these days am in the natural hair flavor, I rock my natural hair most of the time...  And I get one thousand and one questions whenever I post a picture on social media so as the post title implies I am going to be talking about my hair..

              Side updo big twist out 

Now I haven't done anything out of the ordinary to my hair it's just appropriate care and treatment I give to it... I will share a few tips on how to take care of your na…