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Faux locs

HEY ZAMUNDA What's up what's up what's up!!!!!!  Whoop whoop can you guys tell I am excited?  I know I know you people are 'tripping' for my hair.... It's okay don't worry 'tripping' (to admire) is allowed....  Little education on how to get this hair style in... *sorry it didn't occur to me to take pictures of the steps involved cos I thought no one will be interested but hopefully I can explain it as easy as possible* 

Things needed:  Your hair products of your choice and kinky hair ( I used the sublime kinky)  It depends on how long you want it I used eight packs of the kinky... If you want it short you can use less...  Steps involved:  Because the hair is threaded and it will be very painful if I start making it from the tip of my hair so I twisted my hair first, continued the twisting with the kinky hair like you are doing the regular Afro kinky twist and then after that you start threading the hair from the tip to achieve the proper faux locs.....…

Feeling blue

Hey Zamunda.....  What's up everyone? Hope we are all good good..  Am sure you guys are tired of seeing this jeans by now lol.. Well am sorry sorry this is the ONLY pair I have yooo...  I am currently in port harcourt city (I planned to stay for only three days and I have been here for almost a month) so I have to keep repeating clothes and borrowing some from my cousin for eg the shirt belongs to my cousin  But what I love most about this pair is the beauty in its simplicity, The only accessory I had on was a pair of earring and hand band *which I rarely wear* and everybody complimented me on the look....  Life for me is getting back to normal so blog is slowly recovering...  Well I really don't have anything smart to say though so u hope you enjoy this look and see you guys lerra  Xoxoxo Tega Elizabeth Baah 


Hey everyone in Zamunda!!!!!! I know you all have missed your queen Lool, I know I MISSED you guys too...  There is a lot to catch up on on my side a whole lot has been happening to me mehn from the good, the bad, and the ugly....  So lil update  (1) I finally got to join the NYSC program (Nigerian youth service corp)...  (2) I battled/battling depression for a while (don't worry I will write a full 'thought process' post on this)  (3) Worked on a very major movie set before going for my service (post coming soon)  So yeah this is like a little update on my life..... 

You guys have been sweet to send emails, fb message and even bbm messages on what has been going on... I see you all and I do appreciate the love Mann....  The main reason why I decided to take break was the depression thing (didn't know I was slowly slipping Into that state)...  I will bring a post on it soon but am careful not to say the wrong things or offend anyone as it is a very sensitive topic to talk about…