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Hiii Zamundans.... 
So let me just get straight into it.... 
This is something that most people don't know but I like to document my thoughts as I go along my day or my life... 
it gives me the chance to go back and read them and it helps me to understand my life better... 
no this isn't Journaling because I CANNOT... 
This is just something I do when different things pop into my head and it may lead to an unorganized life so i just like to write it down sometimes...
A friend of mine saw it once and called it spoken words... *ehnn if I hear.. who dash me spoken words* it's more like written thoughts. .. 
Anyways enough rambling about it.. I came across this one I wrote sometime ago and I decided to share (first and maybe the last) 
errmm I am actually a very hard woman to love.. so my thoughts process would help you understand what am saying better... 
enjoy. .. 

I am the way I am not because it is a concious effort to be so but it has built up overtime.... 
Wait....  that is part of it not totally,  I conciously decided to block my heart from wanting to understand 'that kind of love' because of what I saw and what I have experienced. .. ONCE 
once it happened... once I felt it... once it left... without explanation or definition.. 
I come across as hard when in actual sense am soft... 
I have this huge wall... when in actual sense there is none... 
they say 'your own too much'
And I tell you that I have seen you before... 
I have seen you type older
I have seen your type my age
I have seen your type younger... 
I have soo much love to give but will you wait to earn it ? 
I too dey make shakara you say.. 
well maybe I agree with you but have you thought 
where did she grow up? 
What did she see growing up? 
Will she accept what she has seen or will she fight to change it?  

Ask yourself these question before you call me names... 
Okay we have asked ourselves... So what are you?  are you a feminist orrrrr.... 
Well maybe a bit I answered again 
But only a bit 
I am more of a patient hard wall waiting to be broken down... 
Again am asking... 
Would wait and take time to break them ?
would you be like a girl slicing onion taking time to peel my layers off ?
when I poke you with my words *be sure I will* will you stay?
When I dnt react the way you want me to because I don't know how, will you stay and have the patience to teach me? 
When I tell you that I don't care about your money because am making mine will you genuinely believe me? Or equate me to other girls? 

When I lie to you just so you don't see the deepest part of my heart, will you keep asking until I tell you the truth? 
When you see that I AM NOT THE REGULAR LOVE STORY, would you be interested in this unique one?  
Like I said I have seen you before 
I have seen you older who feel that it is your God giving right to have all the affairs in this world 
I have seen you my age who now have a new term for it and don't have anything relevant to tell me
I have seen you younger who is probably buying into the older concepts of you.... 
So how do you want me to submit *because I want... because that's what HE has instructed me to do* 
when there is no one to submit to? 
YES finally would you stay when I start talking like this?..... 


This is probably the longest I have written... let me make some few disclaimers 
 This whole thing was written by me... in its scattered format... 
When I was writing this, there were the thoughts I was processing at the time... I however don't live my life in some of those lines... 

P.S for some reason i have been going through pictures that never made it to the blog and i am sharing them.... 

P.P.S sharing this post is very uncomfortable for me but.. my cousin saw it and talked me into sharing it.. so *just thought I should put it put there* lol 

P.P.P.S All outfit item was gotten from Accra market... Apart from shoes giving to me buy my babyim 


  1. great blog, have a nice week!

  2. Hello. Interesting look indeed. Best wishes!

  3. That was a great write up love. good job ;)


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