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So I haven't updated in a while because I have been going through a really tough mental phase... it started slowly but It has graduated into something I know that I have to talk about *because that's how I heal... that's how I process stuff* 
So one of the main issue is me comparing myself to other people.... I know I don't come across as that kind of girl... that's because am not! But it has just been like 'omg tega what is happening... why is this happening or why hasn't that happened for you yet and it's happening to her....' 
I even extended the feeling to my blog... thinking it's not tush enough or nice enough blah blah...

But you know what I realized... as I was there comparing myself with the world, someone else was comparing himself/herself to me!! And I thought 'you must be joking if you think that my life is close to awesome'.... 
Also I had to realize that I am running my OWN journey and my challanges is totally different from other people's own... 
Again I had to dig into the source of where this insecurity was coming from and it was coming from a place of where I was pressuring myself to do better and be better.... So when I fall short of those expectations it hit me like wow...

Also I remember when I was younger,  I only knew stuff about people who wanted me to know but these days social media has put everybody's business out there and they make it seem like life is perfect and stuff.. I had to realize that if they walking on the same planet as I am, then they must have challanges too..  so chill tega... 
The last one that hit me... which allowed me bring myself out of it was... three particular message I got from you lovelies.. those messages really encouraged me to keep on keeping and keep going... Soo THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU!..

In conclusion whatever it is you are doing own your journey... own your vision... own your life..  keep playing your music even if it is just one audience... one day it will be heard by the whole world...  
And understand God's purpose for your life... let God work through and for you! Pray and dive into the word of God and be refreshed! 
So peeps we should stop comparing ourselves with people and run our own race!
Hope you liked today's post... talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZABETH BAAH


  1. Omg I was just having this discussion with someone some days ago. It's so tempting to compare your life /race with others especially with the popularity of social media where everyone is posting excerpts of their 'perfect life' it's so easy to get carried away and start thinking why don't I have this or why am I not like this or feeling like you are not doing enough or being enough but the important thing to remember is whether you are on a plane, bus or bicycle, so far you keep moving you'll get to your destination. Everybody is on a different journey and God has it perfectly timed out for you. So it's time to stop the comparison. you'll be amazed at how many people want to be you or have what you have , even though I think I my head, what do I have that they want, it's the same way the people i'm comparing myself to are thinking. Even though it seems like they have it all together and it's all going great for them, we are all in this race called life together and everybody experiences speed bumps and traffic so chill, and my dad always says something that has stuck to me 'because someone has something before you does not mean they'll have more than you. Okay I feel like I just repeated what you said but I just need bye

    1. Tess tess tess... you feel me soo much!

    2. Tess tess tess... you feel me soo much!


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