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Hiii Zamundans....  So let me just get straight into it....  This is something that most people don't know but I like to document my thoughts as I go along my day or my life...  it gives me the chance to go back and read them and it helps me to understand my life better...  no this isn't Journaling because I CANNOT...  This is just something I do when different things pop into my head and it may lead to an unorganized life so i just like to write it down sometimes... A friend of mine saw it once and called it spoken words... *ehnn if I hear.. who dash me spoken words* it's more like written thoughts. ..  Anyways enough rambling about it.. I came across this one I wrote sometime ago and I decided to share (first and maybe the last)  errmm I am actually a very hard woman to love.. so my thoughts process would help you understand what am saying better...  enjoy. .. 

I am the way I am not because it is a concious effort to be so but it has built up overtime....  Wait....  tha…

Casual wear

Hey Zamundans wats up?

Hope everyone is okay And is enjoying the weekend?
So as I sit here and fry my plantain a.k.a dodo lol I decided to put up this post...
before I talk about today's style or whatever rant I have to say lol... just wanted to mention that you see am not wearing any make up... the face is going under some natural reconstruction so I want to really reduce the rate at which I use make up for it....

Another thing if this hat of mine had mouth the thing would have been screaming for it to let it go... lol cos I have been wearing it non stop since I got!!... I absolutely love it... I think it goes with everything... orrrrr?
I have styled it sooooooo many times in my previous post and yes expect to see more of it!

So Yeah.  This style today is kept fresh and clean and very free...
okay I actually have nothing smart to say... but I hope you likey though. ..
talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZABETH BAAH

Top: Accra Market
skirt: F21
kicks: Nike
Hat: Hat-The-Way (Accra central)

Throw back || Short Hair Edition

Hey Zamundans.... Wats up everyone?? Hope we are all good?  See let me tell you something... it's not my fault that i havent posted, Blame it on Nigeria's Airtel I had post planned out and stuff but the network never allowed those post to come to pass.... And I just feel like am over them now.. But maybe I will use them as tbt as time goes on... who knows (Ajuju)...  So from the post title today's post is a tbt, if you guys remember the time when I had short hair and a few pounds heavier.... yeah then times *in my best Ghana accent I can come up with*.... I decided to put a few post together on it  Looking back at all these pictures to cut my hair dey hungry me again... but una say make I no try am lol so I have chilled...  I have categorized them as I like to do into the sneaker style, heels and casual.... The sneaker: This one was in my uni days... mehn I loved wearing sneakers then, am even sure I wore it with what you are not suppose to wear it with... This was when I …


So I haven't updated in a while because I have been going through a really tough mental phase... it started slowly but It has graduated into something I know that I have to talk about *because that's how I heal... that's how I process stuff*  So one of the main issue is me comparing myself to other people.... I know I don't come across as that kind of girl... that's because am not! But it has just been like 'omg tega what is happening... why is this happening or why hasn't that happened for you yet and it's happening to her....'  I even extended the feeling to my blog... thinking it's not tush enough or nice enough blah blah...

But you know what I realized... as I was there comparing myself with the world, someone else was comparing himself/herself to me!! And I thought 'you must be joking if you think that my life is close to awesome'....  Also I had to realize that I am running my OWN journey and my challanges is totally different fro…