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Selfie for beginners

 Hey Zamundans wats up?  
Aii so I have been wanting to do a selfie post for a while now because I DIE sometimes when I see some of my home girls taking really really bad selfies.... am like 'no boo doonnttt doonnttt do that!' Lol... 
So since I have at least to a point mastered the act of taking them *cos I was pretty BAD before* I thought I should educate... 
Anywho I hope that this post will be able to help you get a perfect selfie from now... 
if I see one more wrong selfie from you girls... I WILL FLIP... 

  • Light/sun : you want to make sure that you are not directly facing the light or sun... So you dont squint your eyes or any of that sort... you want a pretty smile or a duck face as the case maybe... SO STOP STANDING  UNDER THE SUN TO TAKE A SELFIE with the mindset of a brighter picture.... 
  • Angle: The angle you place your phone will determine how your picture is going to turn out... most of our phones come with a face camera so it's easier for us to see what we taking.... you don't want to hold  the phone too low so it's under your chin or too high so you capture just your head... you want to place it just right at the same level with your face with your head on a normal level not tilted in a funny shape... you can also decide to shift the phone to the side a bit to get your best features.. *but this is for a pro lol* 

  • Make-up: now if you are like me that don't care for make up everyday... you might want to be careful when taking a no make up selfie or taking a selfie with make up on... make sure you wearing the correct powder that matches your skin tone... and if you won't wear make up... make sure your face is fresh and clean... 
  • The face: now it depends on the vibe you are trying to give... I like to do all sorts of face when taking a selfie.. the kissing face, smiley face, duck face, Happy face etc... just make sure you don't look like a monster .. 
  • editing: some ya'all do it to much yoo ahn ahn.... with over smooth skin... team light skin and stuff... you just want to brighten your picture a bit and touch it up a bit *unno we want to actually believe it was you we saw in the picture when we finally meet you bruh!* 
  • background: people don't take this step seriously at all.. they just stand anywhere and take a picture... your background really matter in pulling your picture together.... So make sure it's clean and fine or if not... edit a background in it *like the picture above* 
Well I hope this help... Now go out there and take the perfect selfie my loves... 
talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZABETH BAAH


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