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Roses are red

Hey Zamundans wats up?  Good day beautiful people!!  So today's shoot made me realize the importance of putting yourself out there...  Most of the time we say we want to do this and that and that but we dont go out there to look for the opportunities..  nobody will discover your talent with you sitting in the room and doing nothing about it, you have to make a concious effort to put yourself out there.... 

I know we worry as growing adults 'what will people think?  What if I fail? What if am not soo good at it?  Well news flash people will talk, you will fail and belive me you are not the best at it..  news flash again THATS OKAY.. I read somewhere that fear and the feeling of accomplishment are both emotions. . It's left to you to decide the one you want to be present in your life!! 

So to today's post, my photographer friend is building his portfolio and he wanted to do an 'outdoorsy' shoot but what I envisioned in my head was something with a black backgrou…


Hey Zamundans....  Happy Monday...  I am so excited for today for so many reasons.. it's the fresh start of a new working week... So many things I said I would start today, I did start them *which is awesome for procrastinator like me*.... I am wearing my fav shirt from my uncle... etc etc
You guys know how i do, once I get into a fam member's closet it's hard for me to stop going there lol...  Anyways I have had this shirt for a while now but anytime I style it I feel like I look horrible in it so I drop it and wear something else... But today i WAS PLEASED with how i looked when i looked in the mirror (hmm I also have another style idea for this in the feature so watch out!... well let's hope it turns out as awesome as it looks in my head lol) I feel like am finally among the Kool kids because I am wearing hat and a man's shirt together lol...  Anyways hope you likey  talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZABETH BAAH 

BLACK.......... HAT & BOOT

Hey Zamundans.....  Happy Saturday....  I just wanted to go in and start complaining about the struggle concerning today's post, from outfit to pictures to editing.. But I should be gratgrateful that at least they finally came out the way I wanted... *Amen to that* ..    So my love for black continues... oh before I forget my hats finally came in and am rocking one in today's post and my uncle's boots that I CANT PUT DOWN, they are awesome and comfortable...  And I know my style today doesn't really fit the 'Africanny' style but hey I don't careeeeeeeee. ..  I have talked about the benefits of black before in my previous posts, but I think this one has become an addiction lol..   like the rest of them this too shall pass...  brings me to my main point of writing...  Don't be disturbed if you feel stucked in any aspect of your life.. because it shall pass just focus on the positives and LOVING THE LORD!  Well I hope you likey  talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZAB…


Hey Zamundans. ..  Good day and happy mid week  Are we good?..... So like I ALWAYS say I DONT LIKE JEANS. ..  lol I felt like I had to say it again because I put a sneak peak on my bbm and my Bestie just started attacking me about wearing jeans lol...  I still don't like it, but I make exceptions to wearing it once in a while and besides I found this AWESOME boot which belongs to my uncle and it felt like a perfect match...  Anyways am stealing out time to create this post.. Hope you likey talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZABETH BAAH

No I did not just come here to talk about my hatred for jeans, but incase there is a look you want me to do pls let me know and we will see how best we can make it happen..  my schedule is tight but I WILL TRY MY POSSIBLE best to keep blogging...  I ALSO JUST WANT TO SAY SOMETHING. ...  NO MATTERS WHAT YOUR DREAM IS PLEASE KEEP AT IT AND KEEP HUMILITY AT THE BACK OF YOUR MIND IN WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING...  
Jeans~ Outlet in Ghana  Top~ Top shop  boots~ Saphora


Hey Zamundans. ..  WATS UP?...  Been a while I blogged, Mehnn you guys, the schedule gets crazier by the day yoo..   I even planned to do a valentine lookbook but I see the time?  It's all good sha cos BIG THING ARE COMING OUR WAY YOO!  I put together this simple look because it was one of my styling for a production I was doing...  wanted to do something clean and fresh yet with a little bit of edge...  Paired my denim with a bodycon skirt! Thee edge I added was the amazing body chain I got from an outlet in GH...  I dont have much time to type and explain tho but I hope you likey...  Talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZABETH BAAH 


You guys already know that when am the one editing these pictures it always cone out funny lol.. I CANT JUST DEAL MEHNNNN lol 


Hey all of Zamunda. ....  Happy new month and happy new week!!!...  Wow wow wow January is already gone yoo people.. you better get to that to do list you made at the beginning of the year fast because as you can see the year has chosen to be on the fast side...  So let me tell you a quick story about my dress.. I told my grandma that I needed to make an Ankara dress *because I barely have those*... and she brought this amazing fabric, now when I first saw it I was a little bit skeptical cos it looked really old.. no not vintage old but old old!!!... But then after it was made and I put it on... BOOM!!!! It looked awesome, fit perfectly and IT WAS THE RIGHT FABRIC. .. And my grandma felt so Kool with herself and started calling herself 'hip and into trend' lol...  With that story told I think we should really return back to making pattern dresses and all.. return back to our base, Zara.. top shop and Co have kind of stolen the authenticity of our local homemade tailors...  I …