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Hey Zamundans wats up my peeps....  I hope everyone is okay?...  Been busy busy for me... as I sit here and type, I am suppose to be doing something else.. But I have to blog, I just have to...  I have been in the teaching mood lately, so here is another teachy blog post aii..   Above is my dirty make up brushes... I have a set of Bobby brown and a set of different brushes... I try to wash my make up brushes as regular as possible. Because that can also add to the reason for having a rough skin...  I will state how I clean mine in steps for better understanding. .. Soo enjoy!  Instruments need :  Paper towel liquid soap good oil (I use coconut oil) Warm water  STEPS INVOLOVED

STEP 1:  Pour a bit of the the oil on the paper towel.. and take one brush at a time, rub the brush against the paper oil in a circular motion to get most of the product out of the brush into the paper towel.. This step ensures that the dryness of the make up in the brush is removed or softened

STEP 2:  Pour warm w…


Hey Zamundans...   Wats up yooo.... *okay I really have to stop saying yoo tho lol* Anywho hope you guys have been good?..  Life has been busy busy for me *I was about to say yoo lol*....  So I asked a question some time ago for you guys to pick a topic I should discuss, and you guys said 'getting the perfect picture'...  As a picture person I have come to master the act of taking pictures and I am here to help you master it to...  I would break it into different segment for a better and clearer understanding...  POSES: The right posture for a picture is very important. You have to learn to enhance your best feature. Tilting of the hips to the side a bit is a great way for any shape..  so study your shape and know what works for you! CAMERA LIGHTING: This is the most important part.. for a clear and perfect picture always make sure that the 'takee' of the picture is always backing the sun and you facing it so as to avoid shadows, rays from the sun etc. .. but it enhanc…


Easy Breezy

Hey Zamundans....  what's up yooo? Hope you guys are good?...  Charley the hustle is real yoo over here but we are pushing... *there is God in everything we are doing*  So my schedule is getting sicker by the minute which is why my style is going to be really easy breezy now... And I have to be dressing kinda semi formal hence the heels...  So as ya'all know I don't like wearing jeans, but am trying to make my style versitle these days.. I also noticed ALOT of black... it seems like am moving from one phase to another, first crop tops now black... HOW DO I LEAVE ALL OF THESE PHASES?..  But anywho I think jeans is a hot trend tho so am trying to get into it.. maybe by the middle of this year I should be fully committed.  If not OH WELL The fro is out! BUT DONT GET USE TO IT..  AM putting this baby right back in a weave once I get the chance!..  I dun got time for this weather to be messing with my hair yoo. .. it's too precious for that! Lol...  Well I hope you likey. …

Diary of a Single girl (Tessy Abdulrazaq)

Hey Zamundans. .. Happy new week people!... Diary of a single girl is back yooo.... Telzy is back..  enjoy this one! 
Hello guys! Happy New year! I know i've been MIA for a while but it's not my fault, this after school life is trap. As you know tega and I graduated in October and we've been ushered into the adult world, trust me it's not all that it's made out to be *whew* but we thank God for his infinite mercies. Hope you guys have been great tho?  So this new year, i'll need y'all to contribute to this single girls column, I want us to talk about things asides being single, just everyday situations that affect us and our struggles as a growing woman, so you can just drop a comment about a topic you'll like me to discuss and i'll do just that..kapish? Thanks So today, we are going to talk about the main purpose of the column, being lately most of my friends and family have been complaining about being single and tired of waiting for th…


Hello to the all of Zamunda from your queen lol...  Hey people what's up what's up? *can you tell am really excited?*  Yes yes that's cos I am Ohhh myyyy gosh *in my boogshe L.A accent*... It has been a pumped year so far mehñnn.. The Lord is Good...  So to the post of the day, it's a collaboration between myself and my make-up blogger friend/sister Peace... This girl and I go waayyy back yooo...  So because we love you guys so much and we are very very grateful to all our student followers, we have decided to put together  a mini back to school lookbook....  I came up with three different outfit categories and she came up with the perfect makeup for them... This is just to inspire  you as you guys return back to school to rock this semester in style...  hope you likey...  First Category: The simple 'Lazy Dress', I love this dress sooooooo much because it is sooo easy to wear and style... it is sooooooo effortless.. I paired it with an hat just incase you are h…

Updated skin care routine

Hey Zamundans.....  So I posted this gym selfie some days ago on my fitness ig ( @tega_baah) and my bbm/whatsapp and I got a good number of people asking me what I did to clear up my face...  And I thought since it has been a while I did a beauty post this would make an excellent post... Now people who know the real truth know that I battle seriously with skin acne and all (my body is still pretty bad tho😩😩 *Le struggle*) but off late my face has been at a point that I am pleased with..  when I finished school I was determined to freshning up, I bought some product that started turning me to team light skin and start showing all the spots on my face *am I PROUD BLACK GIRL and I would like to stay that way so I stoped using them*...  I dont want to mention them cos it maybe just me who knows....  I started another routine two weeks ago and baby it is working wonders on my face yo...  I discovered that it is wayyyyy better to do this thing 90% natural than buying all these stuffs...  …

Sunday Black

Hey Zamundans. ..  I know it's coming 3 days late  but HAPPY NEW YEAR... This wasn't the intention..  to say happy new year this late..  there is a reason which shall be revealed soon.  So today is the first Sunday of the year and it is our *unspoken tradition* in Nigeria to dress in traditional attire to church....  *flipping my hair* I didnt follow the rule yo*  Infact I went full tux inspired outfit today!!...  I have done a tux Sunday before *last year* but it was masculine inspired... but today the tux wear is feminine..    All black everything but my head piece was mixed with white... cos I dnt want people to ask me 'who died' question... *unno how ignorant people are sometimes lol*...  Notice how u wear alot of black? Yerp I will give you some benefits of wearing black The most common and important one to know is that Black is slimming.Black is color friendly it goes with everything. Black is very easy to wash.It is easy to get black anything from tops to pantie…