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featuring THE MOTHER

Hey Zamundans..  Good day beautiful people.. So I can see that all bloggers have been doing end of year post. And I was thinking/ praying to God to give me an end of year post inspiration.... And BAM yesterday it happened; when I saw my mother step out of the building I was like 'yooooo I gats to blogs this mehnn you looking smoking!'.. P.S my mum has been vexing with her style lately though 'she nor wan hear kraaaaaaaa'  So here is today's post, I will be sharing with you fourteen things mother has taught me as we end the year 2014.. Hope you likey and hope her style will inspire your mama  Always find humor in the most painful situation. Fashion/personal style is very important BUT let your style be VERY DECENT AND GOD APPEALING.It is important to make your kids your best friends.It takes a very wise person to be married and if you aren't wise enough, please sit down and learn before getting married.There is extra strength in EVERY WOMAN.. you just have to re…


Hey Zamundans.....  Ho ho ho Merry Christmas everybody *in my best Santa voice*....  This post is just to say thank you guys for all you have been in the blogging world!!  Through my SERIOUS SLACKS AND INCONSISTENCY.. you guys stucked with me..  I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and remembered the reason for the season which is JESUS CHRIST. ..  2014 for me has been the WORSE year of my life... EVERYTHING happened to me this year.. but God saw/is seeing  me through..  People who are close knew what was  going on!... I pray for a better 2015 not just for me but for everyone.. I pray for STRENGHT TO DEAL WITH THIS THING CALLED LIFE *which nobody prepares you for lol*  I also wanted to share my very fab Christmas dress I LOVED every part of this gorj.. dress *and it's black again* lol..  I will try to do more colors next year *am lieing lol*..  Hope you guys likey talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZABETH BAAH 
P.S: I Wil share my testimony soon am developing my on a best way to put it 


Hey Zamundans,   How are we? I hope everyone is doing well?  I am so excited today for no reason, such an irony tho I should be feeling overwhelmed with 'not so great emotions' BUT AM FIGHTING IT.... Which is why I am sooooo excited..  Anywho my blog title is tagged 'Crazy Person?' Lol.. it because people actually call me crazy in real life.. and I know alot of people that nobody calls crazy... At first it bothered me *silently* lol but after a while I realized that it was from a good place and it was a good kind of crazy lol..  Anyways the point of my Sunday blabbing is that NORMAL IS SOOOOO BORING..... I DARE TO BE DIFFERENT ON A DAILY BASIS I DARE TO SURPRISE MYSELF AND EVERYBODY AROUND ME...  Which brings me to my today's outfit post lol.. I am laughing because I thought I looked soo funny today.. BUT I didn't cauuuurrrr. .  Anyways enjoy pics... and oh I found a new app today so be patient as I tried to play with the filters..  Thank you for reading talk …


Hey Zamundans  How are you guys? I hope everyone has been doing great?  It's a almost the end of 2014, and this year has been the year that I learnt alot of life lessons... I was telling my friend the other day that no one teaches you LIFE.. like no matter how exposed and educated you are, there is no such thing as studying life or school of life.. you only learn with time and experiences...  My post title was inspired by the amazing fashion blogger Cassie, she has a post about being burnt out and I related soo well to it..  These days I have been so fashion burnt out and un inspired cos it has been basically the samething going around..  Fashion gets tiring at times but the thing is if you have a personal style, you would be able to come out of being burnt out!... And the cool thing is that your personal style is bound  change so it's okay to go with the flow and how you are feeling about your style *sometimes it maybe hard and chic other times it may be boring and laid back…


Hey Zamunda, How are you guys doing?.... First of all happy new month *I don't think I have said that yet*... Anywhere as the post title implies, it's a guest feature!....  And her work is amazing! And guess what? There is a discount for you guys... So hurry and grav yours.  Talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZABETH BAAH 

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