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Hey Zamunda,   Good day!!! Hope you had/have/having a fabulous day?....  So this post is sooooooo long over due *mtcheew*..... I have been saying I will get to it SINCE!!!!!  Any who am featuring the one And only Jenny..... a.k.a Belladivaswarri.... She is an AMAZING MUA in warri and she does really really good work.... I went over to her studio so she can flog my face lol..  she ended up flogging half of it and her student flogged the remaining one...  They did a traditional look on my face and I LOVED IT.... She was sooo nice and warm and sweet and I enjoyed my time in her studio.... *planning on going back*...  You can follow her on insta to get all Kool deets about her and how you can get her to work for you... if the "Benjamins" is ready she is ready to follow you to sokoto lol...Her instagram handy: @Belladivaswarri. ..  I hope you likey.... cos I LOVEY...  Talk soon xoxo TEGA ELIZABETH BAAH


Hey Zamunda,  Happy new week beautiful people....  I wore this long black dress once and it got a lot of likes from all of ya'all so I decided to re- style it today to church * the reason why it didn't make it to the blog is because the picture quality wasn't blog worthy to me*...  So today is Sunday and obviously a church day lol * and ya'all know how I turn up for the lord* I like to look my absolute best on Sundays * some able brothers are in the church lol JK*...  I got this dress from the Accra market in Ghana andddd immediately I saw it, I knew it belonged to ME!!.. it can be dressed up Orr down * I will probably dress it down and make a post out of it*.....  Well I hope you likey and I shall talk to you soonest xoxo  Tega Elizabeth Baah


Hey my lovely Zamundans,   How are we? I hope everyone has been having a fab week?  So am getting comments that it's hard for some of you to comment on my blog.... well I didn't change any settings *which usually is the problem*... So I dnt know why that is... for the main time make sure to follow the blog and I will try and sort the comment thingy out!...  Remember how I told you guys that am trying my best to daily improve on my blogging?... yeah that work is gradually showing. I just made a deal with an awesome photographer to help with pictures * Did somebody say yaaay?  Cos I did lol*  So ya to the post... *AM sure ya'all have noticed by now that I have a thing for black... don't worry its a phase and am sure it will soon pass yoo*....  I got this amazing channel leggings (amongst other things) from FANCY MARCY Boutique... they wanted me to try their stuffs out and tell you guys about them * I WILL DO A PROPER REVIEW ONCE I STYLE ALL THE STUFFS AND GET ONE POST R…


Hey the whole of Zamunda,   Happy happy Sunday to you and a happier new week to you my lovely people. First of, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all you visit to my blog for every time you open your browser, it increases the number of page views my blog gets, I was worried that because I was away for long,  my viewers would reduce.......LIES!!! Ya'all still here sticking with lil'ol me!!!!..  SECONDLY I WOULD LIKE TO SAYING A HUGEST THANK YOU FOR ALL THE AMAZING BIRTHDAY LOVE I GOT ON FRIDAY.... DAYUMMMM PEOPLE YA'ALL IS AMAZING... IS TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS.. AND YES I HAD A HUGE BLAST YOOO..  So to the post of the day *first of I think my style is changing, cos I was going through pics from last year and comparing them with this year and I see a little difference.....ohhhhh well*  I like to go for more fresh look these days *Maybe it comes with aging* I decided to lace it up today, one quick help tip for wearing lace is to make sure is easy on the eye to look.. esp…


Dear people of Zamunda,   Please don't crucify me just yet lol... mehnn I thought that after school blogging is going to be easy and fun... *Charley na lie ohhhhh...* You barely have time for yourself not to talk of working on posts and all..  But anyways I will try my very very best to be regular. Plus am trying to hunt for some amazing things for the blog that's why I kind of disappeared * networking and getting things to work ain't at easy as we put it!*....  So yeah where have I been?... my dears I have been everywhere ohhhhh, graduating, standing by my mother,  working, brainstorming etc.  So to the post of the day, I would like to call it pre Birthday turn up dress. Polo dresses are always fun to wear.  I did something that I ordinarily won't do... which is to wear blue... *not because blue has been assigned to the male gender, I dunno I just dnt feel blue is my thing. Plus since I lost small weight, am daring myself to wear a body hugging dress like this *at le…