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 Hey Zamundans!... 
'Kilonpop?' How are you guys doing?
I have been much HAPPIER than i have been for the past few months. I have learn't to fight for joy instead of happiness cos happiness only comes when things are going well, but when you have joy you will be happy even in the bad times. 
My 'teachyfashion' of the day is going to be on wearing shorts. Here are a few tips you might want to consider when wearing a short
  • Depending on your size, your shorts shouldn't be way below your knee or right under your bum or booty *if they are like that then they are no longer shorts lol* 
  • A short can come in two forms either in a high-waisted form or a normal waist form. Consider using a longer length crop top *like the one i wore* with a high-waisted one it gives the illusion of a flatter tummy or stomach. 
  • Shorts are usually fun when the colors are played up. Something should be popping in your whole outfit when wearing shorts.
  • Ladies make sure to fully cream your legs well before you put on a short especially your knees *nobody wants to see ashy knees lol*
  • Lastly refuse the myth that says shorts are for skinny * i prefer the term slimmer* people because with the right waist fitting and thighs fitting shorts, a big * i prefer the term fat lol* girl like me can rock shorts any day any time 
  • Bonus tip is to make sure to be DECENT! 


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Hey kinks what's up y'all?.... Greetings! I hope everyone is having a fab day?

Okay so to the post what is a split end?  The end of a hair strand is damaged resulting in the strand separating into two or more fragments.

Hair breakage is more of a problem for naturals than split ends because split ends is as a result of many activities that a TRUE natural try to avoid..

Most naturals really suffer from hair breakage and I used to be a part of the team (even do my hair still breaks it has reduced a lot)

Here are five tips to help you manage hair breakage..

TRIM YOUR HAIR AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE:I came in contact with someone who told me that she has a phobia for cutting her hair and she was worried she was weird, but the psychologist in  me didn't see her as crazy though, this is a real problem that a lot of women have. With that being said,  trimming your hair doesn't mean you are cutting it off, it means you cutting of the damaged ends to allow new growth to be possible.


Hey kinks what's up y'all? Happy weekend darlings..

So based on the numerous questions on hair growth, here are three reasons why your hair isn't growing.

YOU COMB IT ALL THE TIME: I have stressed this IN  my hair journey that I don't comb my hair all the time. In fact one of my new year's hair resolution is to comb my hair less this year..  So I take finger detangling serious and I am patient with it. Combing of natural hair (which is already hard in the first place)causes SERIOUS tension to your hair follicles and breaks your hair more than it would if you just finger detangle!.  

YOU DO NOT MAINTAIN A HAIR ROUTINE: like I have said in previous post you have to be consistent but not just consistent, you must have a hair routine or regimen.. Your hair has to be accustomed to a specific method.. It's not everything that is flying in the market that you should do (Charley trust me I learnt the had way).. There are a lot of DIY's out there but you have to be c…


Hey kinks how are you doing? hope everyone is doing exceptionally well? so today i am going to be sharing with  you ten healthy ways you can manage shrinkage.
Before i start let me just mention it here that  as a 4type hair natural, your hair is going to shrink no matter what you do and it is actually a sign of healthy hair living. So lets get straight into them. STYLES: Some particular hair styles can actually help your shrinking hair life, the best way i like to stretch out my hair is to put it in a Bantu knot, it not only stretches it out but it is also stylish. I do not like applying heat to my hair at all, i try my possible best to stay away from heat application so this is a very efficient way of stretching out my hair.
AFRICAN THREADING TECHNIQUE: This is basically how our mothers wore their hair in the good ole days and it stretches out your hair beautiful..
MAKE SURE THAT YOUR HAIR IS NOT LEFT OUT FOR TOO LONG: Now I am here for the cute twist out and all and other beautiful ha…