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Hey Zamundans!...  'Kilonpop?' How are you guys doing? I have been much HAPPIER than i have been for the past few months. I have learn't to fight for joy instead of happiness cos happiness only comes when things are going well, but when you have joy you will be happy even in the bad times.  My 'teachyfashion' of the day is going to be on wearing shorts. Here are a few tips you might want to consider when wearing a short Depending on your size, your shorts shouldn't be way below your knee or right under your bum or booty *if they are like that then they are no longer shorts lol* A short can come in two forms either in a high-waisted form or a normal waist form. Consider using a longer length crop top *like the one i wore* with a high-waisted one it gives the illusion of a flatter tummy or stomach. Shorts are usually fun when the colors are played up. Something should be popping in your whole outfit when wearing shorts.Ladies make sure to fully cream your legs w…


Hello Zamundans.....
 Crucify me, nail me to the cross for not updating in forever lol.
Life hasn't been easy for me *mentally* been going through some stuffs and battling with personal demons... Depression almost took the better part of me, but as usual Jesus came to my rescue.
I am much more better now and i am in a very safe and better head space..
The other reason why i haven't updated is because i feel like my blog has become too regular and it is not as i want it to be *its not as i started it*...
I would LOVE to teach about fashion and style and share my knowledge and mistakes i have learn't from my years of being interested in fashion. Also to share my trends and things i am "feeling" for the moment. And i feel like my blog diverted from that initial goal.
So i have taking out time and sorted out things (because this happened as a result of laziness and not enough time to type and fully put a good post up).
So from now i won't post anything unless i …