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Hey Zamunda!!!! Greetings from the queen *me* lol...  Sorry for my inconsistency been busy plus the netwrok is not worth my patience lol...  Anywho, this look i put together a few days ago is one of my fav. for the week.  The leggings is a DIY my sister 'constructed' for me a while back...  I wanted to do the 'all black everything' look but i didnt want to look too 'blacky' so i decided to add gold to the look.  I just realized a few days ago while i was trying to color cordinate my closet *which was an epic fail btw* that i have ALOT of black.. i unconciously buy alot of black things.. lol...... Few reasons why you should do same  Black is slimming Black is always in styleWhen it is time for your monthly friend to visit, black is the best to rock .It can be paired with anything  Hope i have convinced you to wear black more now lol.. Hope you likey... talk sooner than you expect xoxo Tega Elizabeth Baah


Hey Zamundans....
I know it's been a whole week *i have been lazy please forgive me* lol...
But hey i have made it up to you, i have compiled a list of stylings that i put together last week...
I have one with a cute bodycon skirt paired with a red longer crop top, kept the accessorizing simple *gold*.
Another one is one of my fav. *past trend* which is flowery pants and i paired it with a long sleeve crop top and a belt with my small strap heeled sandals, also the accessorizing was gold.
Again there is one that is kinda sporty and chick. The hat was a nice touch to the whole package and this time i accessorized with silver.
Also my red hunters tee was one of my fav. For last week because it turned simple outfit into an AWESOME SIMPLE OUTFIT lol.. *ya'all know my fav. Color is red*. Red and blue is such a nice color for this particular look for me.
The gown was my FAVOURITE... its elegant, classy, sophisticated and was very fun to wear. Because the gown was quiet printed and …


Hey Zamunda!! Happy Friday my loves!!!!...  Guess who did a photoshoot in the streets of Warri??...... My sister and I!! It was a promo shoot for Ojes Photography. It went well and it was very fun. Nothing plenty to say.. i Just wanted to share the pictures enjoy! 


Hey Zamunda! Happy midweek!. I hope everybody is doing perfectly fine and i hope september has been good to you?.  September for me is going to be the most challanging month but guess what happened...... THE LORD SPOKE CLEAR AND LOUD I MEAN CLEAR VERY CLEAR.. That the Capitivity of Zion shall be turned. I was telling my mother yesterday that.. God has confirmed everything so lets just sit and watch God work. This to me is like a movie and i literally stand in AWE of God's wonders.. It reminds me of Pastor Donnie's song called STAND... cos we done done all we could.. so now we just standing and watching the LORD see us through....  As you know i like to lift someones spirit up before i get into the post because lets be honest our spirit being is THE MOST IMPORTANT! Now i dnt know what has been my problem since the begining of this week lol.. i have been doing borrow-pose lol.. Again the only piece of clothing i own here is my leggings. I borrowed the white t-shirt from my ma, …