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Rebranding... new addy

Hey Beautiful Zamundans,
How are ya'all doing?... happy new week and have the best of what God has to offer us this week. So like my post title said, i have changed the name of my blog; some of you have been messaging to tell me that the old addy wasnt working i purposely refused to reply because as usual i wanted to make a dramatic announcement lol. 
The reason for this change is that as a person i like to re-event and re- brand myself as i mature or grow older. I feel like i have grown past the TEGALICOCIOUS stage in my life. I am moving on to bigger and better things. Also from now i will be bringing you guys clearer and better picture quality, i have finally find my way around my camera lol.... Pray for me as i always pray for you to see where God is taking me to with this re-branding. 
So from hence forth my blog ADDRESS IS 
*side note* Also because of work, my sister will sometimes be updating the blog until she goes back to school.. and of you be pinging that she did well so *raising my shoulders* Hey well why not let her continue!. Lol 
Moving on to the outfit post of the day, this choice of outfit was inspired by MaryMary's Erica Campell, i follow her on instargram and her stylist who is also her sister googoo does an amazing job with her clothing option. 
Plus my wound on my laps hurt if i wear anything tight so these days i like to go for the free flowing stuff. Simplicity has been my key factor for the past month and i try my best to go as simple as i can be. I have also styled this top in some few post back so you can check that out. 
I hope you guys likey! 
Talk soon xoxoxo 
Tega Elizabeth Baah 

P.S i have also fixed my laptop and i have done some videos.. But my dear na the uploading be the wahala.. when it gets to the middle or almost ending then e go tell me say interrrupted... i don do taya.. so i have giving up for now until i figure out the best network to use in this area!.. *Sigh deeply*

Qoute of the day:
Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven [stands firm as the heavens]. Psalms 119 vs 89


  1. Sweetheart this is nice..proud of u..change really is d only constant thing in life ..meanwhile, i have my reservations about this of which is thr shud hv been a link ryt beside whr u said uve styled d shirt bfr..Instead of just saying go chk it out..Secondly, I was really excited about this post when I got the link on bbm..i expected ur blog viewers' name (Zamundans) will be re branded too..nw dats a suggestion..i hope u won't refuse to reply. Hence ur "dramatic announcement" actually loved when u said tht...ok I'd end my epistle now..ure doing well...P.S- I want to see more Precious on here..she reli interesting..luh u babe..

    1. Beatrice beatrice beatrice!!! Thanks soo much baby geh!!.... i had a new name for the blog readers but we havent done elections yet for power to change hands lol...
      And thanks for all your suggestions bae WELL NOTED!


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