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Hey Zamunda..  Happy happy New month!!! And happy new week!!. Wow can you believe we are already in the ninth month of this year?.. The time is really flying fast!. So make sure you do all you need to do in this year before it runs out.  Remember in the begining of the year i told you guys that i dnt resolutions but i do a to-do list? I checked my to do list and baby half of it is checked!!! (Clapping for myself).  Remember that the time is passing fast so GET STARTED on the things you said you will do yo!.  I pray in this month of September goodness, mercy and favor shall be with you in the whole of this month and more importantly the lord will keep you in his arms!!!!...  In this month i have set aside things i want to achieve and i will want you guys to do same. Take it one step and one day at a time and by the end you will see the results.  So to the post of the day, apparantly i 'borrowed' everything that i am wearing lol. My brother was laughing at me that the only that…


Hey Zamunda.....  So i noticed today that i have fallen in love with HEAD WRAPPING. This started some weeks ago and i just noticed that i use the head wrap or scarf to choose the outfit i will wear.
You know me, once i get into a trend of my own it takes a while before i come out of it *the crop top struggle is still going on lol*...  Now i have put together some of the stylings i have done with the head wrap; some of them i have blogged before though. There are a few of them that are hat...oh well *side eye* Now the editing for the pictures differ, so it my seem like i am team light skin in some lol.. it is just the editing and the lighting.  These are some of the reasons i am into the head wrap thing now. It takes the re-styling of an outfit to a whole new level. It helps to manage the wind and how it blows my hair (is this english correct?) Lol.It draws the attention from the jewelries, so you can play that down.It may sound strange, but half of the time i dnt feel like doing a ful…

Blue Affair

Hey Zamundans..  No need To ask how you are because i TRUST God on your behalf!...  Today i decided to go with a color i usually wont go with because i dnt like it *not because they have assigned it to the male gender though*.. but i just think its too plaid!.. Because am short i like to play with colors that will get me noticed so blue aint one of them!...  Remember when i said i was in the best shape of my life? I lied.. this is the best shape of my life! Lol.. *i hope it will keep getting better*...  How did i do with the blue though?... I think i did pretty good aye!..  Just quick tips on how dress your body  Know the kind of body you have and work to enhance your best features.. i like to wear skirts and leggings because I DONT LOOK GOOD IN JEANS... NEVER HAVE, AM SURE I NEVER WILL! LOL Ladies Exposing all parts of your body is not sexiness abeg.. leave some things to mystery Play with accessories it,it takes the attention of things you dont want people to notice.. Different colo…

Rachet Family Sunday

Hey Zamundans...  Happy new week!... may God bless our effort this week and guide and protect us!. When we got home from church yesterday, the excitement was too much so my family joined in the photo section *taking pictures in my family is like a disease lol*..  I wanted to share to show you guys that NO MATTER THE SITUATION YOU ARE IN THE LORD SAID BE MERRY AND REJOICE!!!!.. That is what we have decided as a family, we are just going to watch the Lord do him!...  And yes we are sooo rachat, razz, local, free spirit anyone you want to call it lol.. We gave you all the rachat pose we could come up with!.. *There is more but network wont let me upload them smh*.. I hope we have giving some of you hope today!..Talk Soon xoxoxoxo Tega Elizabeth Baah 

Bonus: Decided to add a bonus from Last Week sunday. Played it simple!!!