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Hey Zamunda....

  How is everybody doing today?..... Hope you are having a fab day.... cos i am; well not so much my head hurts like no mans business.....

  So i decided to do a weightloss post cos if you know me from before you will know that i was a huge baby! Lol....

  I will start by giving you guys some of my reasons to loose the weight and then add all the tips i used...


  • I weighed 90kg at a point... sometimes it went up to 95/98..... i was really pushing into becoming obese and i did not want that 
  • I started to shop in the women's section; which i didnt like 
  • And ohh my chubby/orobo face just kept growing bigger and bigger 
  • I took a full body scan and it showed that every organ in my body was slightly abnormal cos of the fat.. so before it became severe... this chick had to do something
  • I think i want to be here long enough to fulfill God's plans for my life
Now to clear somethings... often times when people who are trying to loose weight talk about it they always say ' i was unhappy, depressed blah blah blah' Thankfully i wasnt any of those things i was/am comfortable in my own skin and i was happy infact i always defended the FAT PRIDE!.... see am comfortable enough to say Fat not plump or big or curvy or whatever word people use these days to make it sound nicer lol....
Now since that is cleared i am still on the journey and i am still a fatty bumbum BUT.. i think i have made good progress, my goal is not to be skinny cos i think God made my body to have some flesh! MY GOAL IS TO BE HEALTHY AND FIT INTO CUTE CLOTHES MORE!

First of all you have to realise that these things take time!... If you are looking for magic wonder then be prepared to face the consequences 'HOKAY!!!!'....
I started in 2012/2013 with a program called clean9 *its basically when you dont eat cooked food for 9 days and all you do is take some HEALTY dietry supplements and fruits* and then i did this wrap thing...  After that i stopped cos even though twas healthy i felt like i was looking for easy way out and "me i dey fear those kind things well well abeg i nor dey".....
I started again late last year but then i was just watching what i ate and reducing carbs and processed foods....
Now this year i went hard and grind lol i started again with basic work outs and then i did a two month diet *fruits and veges only*, i registered in a gym and started doing serious work outs... Am off the diet for now... * some of you guys have asked for the diet routine... if you want it send me an email*.


  • Reduce carbs, fatty foods; increase protein * Nigerian/ Ghanaian infact African food is filled with 'yamayama' so reduce all the home made food and try to eat what will digest faster 
  • Drink alot of water, there is no such thing as drinking too much water 
  • Please dont use scale measurement, you will be very sad lol... use you clothes,use progress selfies... 
  • Psych your mind to know that its one day at a time and there are going to be alot of bad days my dear 
  • Exercise is key! Am trying to make working out a life style 
  • Be accountable to someone... find a medium to document your self i choose social media *btw ff my acc tega_baah*... You can be accountable to me if you want lol 
  • Ohh okay my people you know how we do with snacking!..... CUT THAT OUT! *yelling* lol or switch to healthy snacking like having an apple
  • Last but not least BE HAPPY MY DARLINGS BE HAPPY!!!!!!
I am trying to put together a work out video so be patient my laptop cracked so when i fix the screen i will holla... 

*Whew*.... i think this is the longest post i have ever writing lol... Okay to some progress pictures 
Talk soon xoxo Tega Baah 

Now let's compare                                           


  1. Lol! You'v done so well for your self. Thumbs up yea? Keep it up. Just a little more, and don't 4get not to go skinny. U might not like it. I am motivated! Hehehe

  2. Thanks baby girl!!!... am not sure i will ever be skinny


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