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Hey Zamundans
  How are we all doing? Hope everyone have been having a good and great week so far?...     As for me my hope is on God the Author and Finisher of my Faith... I dnt have any other god and i dnt hope on other god....    So right now i am in the best shape of my life WoooooHoooo!!!!... I have been working super hard on this weight thing and i am super duper proud of my progress... I am trying to make working out and eating clean most of the time a habit... *it aint easy i tell ya*...     I felt to do something a lil bit edgy hence the whole cap and sneakers thing... These days am trying to be simple cos its easier for me and its helping me deal with alot of things in my life.. It may sound stupid to you but it works for me!.... I know i know i said am trying to detox from crop tops but hey Rome wasnt built in a day now, i have been trying so far havent i? Lol.... Anyways i dnt have much to say *as usual*.... Hope you likey  ..... Talk soon xoxox Tega Baah 

P.S dont worry a…

Simplicity ft my sister

Hey all of Zamunda
   Happy monday and happy new week. Its a new week to get it started and get it right, this is another opportunity to start what you have always wanted to start.
   Today's post is featuring my baby sisi *because she has begged long enough* lol....      I wanted to try and be super simple to church *cos thats not usually the way lol* and i think i did a very good job. And ohhh i FINALLY dyed my hair... Orrr should i say the hair finally dyed lol. Ohhh Charleyyy the struggle to dye this hair is super super real... It went through five process before it became what it is now lol...      For my sister, i also decided to keep it simple and a bit African, i also think i did a very good job lol.      There is not much to say just stay true, be you and challange yourself more. Most important dont forget to always work towards becoming a better believer in God cos at the end of the day thats all that matters.   Talk soon xoxoxo Tega Baah 

My sister:
The both of us: 

A better Heart

Hey People of Zamunda....

   How is every one doing?.. Happy new week!...
   Today was a great and good day!... way better than the kind of week i have had....     In this time i have learnt something, i have learnt that people have pain and sorrow behind thier smile and everyone have a demon they are fighting but when you look up to God everything will work together for our good. I also learnt that prayer brings peace and calmness immediately!!.. Okay enough talk unto the 'marra' of today.     I felt extra extra confident proud and BEAUTIFUL today to church in my blue lips lol.... I was going for something simple and still strong at the same time. I have styled this animal skin top before *if you check the archives you will see*... As ya'al know red is my fav. Color on planet earth and right now i am feeling accessorizing with Gold.... Scratch that am lying lol... Am too lazy to go through my jewelry box to find something different lol so i just keep wearing with is alre…

For the love of colors

Hey beautiful Zamundans
   Hope everybody is doing great and feeling God's love in their life?    I just want to share something that i have learnt over the last week. Its important to be worshipper... In the sense that even when you dont understand what is happening or anything that is happening you should worship and praise God for who he is and not what you did or didnt do for you.. I also learnt that confessing God's word gives you strength to handle pain or any problem life might throw at you....
   Even in very uncomfortable situations i will declare that IT IS WELL!!! 
  To the outfit of the day; i like to wear colors when am feeling 'someway' and thats what i did today!!! And the reason for the hat is.... My hair is very unkept lol i havent had the time to do anything to it!!! There is only so much you can do with natural hair though lol.  The leggings is an old one i found yesterday when i was being totally jobless going through old clothes.. Shoes are from m…

Orange Sunday

Hey Lovely people of Zamunda
   Hope everyone is have the best sunday?....     It has been really really rough for me and my family but we are deciding to choose Joy, we are deciding to be happy in the mist of Dark times...  I pray you do same cos no matter what is going on God says "Praise me all the same".     Today's dress is AWESOME!!! Lol and guess what... Its still a size 8 (Like i said before i have never been a Size 8 in my life be it from Uk, Us, Japan or Congo lol)...     I dnt have much to say cos am speechless these days. I ask that you please remember my family in your prayers. Stay blessed and keep smiling.  Talk soon xox Tega Baah 

  Quote of the day:  When Jesus recieved the message, He Said, This sickness is not to end in death; but (on the contrary) it is to honor God and to promote His glory, that the Son of God maybe glorified through (by) it. John 11:4