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Hey Dear Zamundans!!!!!

Happy new week yoooo... just believe that it is going to be an amazing week and it will be!!!......

This sunday i finally decided that it was time to rock my dress by VeraNora Couture... she is an amazing designer and i totally totally loved the dress....

I will take time to answer one question i got in an e-mail which is 'What inspires my fashion sense and what keeps me motivated to keep blogging'..... Okay lets get into it shall we...

First and formost i have always been a person who loved style!! Right from childhood till now, even when i was in boarding school i was always looking  for a way to excite my uniform and housewears. And i am also a very stubborn person in a way *meaning that i dont like being told what to do* and since fashion is a way for me to 'disobey' society i just took to it and express myself through it. Another thing that inspires my fashion i must say is my MOTHER!!... She started it lol.. Again i always feel like i have…


Hey ya'all beautiful people of Zamumda, yes if you have opened my blog you belong to my kingdom now *lol*....
Hope you have had a great week so far? Mine has been pretty not exciting lol *the life of a final year student; okay i feel like i talk too much about this project thing..... do i? *...

So the post of the day is all about free flowing pants.. as some of you know Ghana is as hot as hell so i always look for things that allow free passage of air to the inner parts of the body lol... i mixed it up with colors, kept the make up and jewelry as simple as possible  and i was good to go...

Talk soon xoxo Tega Baah

Quote of the day: Its not the name people call you that matters, its what you answer to. ~ Madea ( Tyler Perry)

Cape Coast Touring!!!!!

Hey Ya'all Zamundans....

How are you guys doing? Happy sunday and happy new week...

So on Friday my African American friend who stays in Abijan passed by Cape Coast so i took her round Cape Coast yesterday and it was fun and interesting.. We went to the Cape Coast Castle, Hans Cottage (the crocodile village) Even though i have heard the castle story more than once it still always sounds new to me!!!.... You guys should read about the story if you havent heard of it!!!


 Talk Soon xoxo Tega Baah
Qoute of the day: Praise Him in Advance ~ Marvin Sapp


Hey Zamundans.....
Hope you guys are awesome!!!!?..... well i wasnt feeling too awesome because of project work, but writing this post i just realized that am feeling awesome right now!!! *i guess thats what blogging does for me*..

So i was inspired my fashion_dollface to work with a denim *which ya'all know is my first love lol* and a white tank top,this is her version.

So i remixed it and made the look mine!!!


Quote of the day: The lord is good unto them that wait for him Lametations 3:25

Talk soon xoxo Tega Baah


Hey Zamundans
   How are ya'all doing and hope your month of march have been awesome so far?
    This is another way i wore my wrap skirt, i have blogged the style for it before but i just decided to share this one!!!....

  I normally have things to say but not right now (cos i just came back from a cool vacation *coughs* so am just soaking it in)so just enjoy and be inspired for style!!!!

Quote of the day:
He will keep the feet of his saints 1sam 2:9


HEY Zamunda peeps

Happy New month people we marching forward this month!!!! Let somebody say AMEN!!!!

Anyways hope you guys have been doing good?... am having a crazy time in school which has left me little or no time to blog... look on the bright side, i will soon be out to face the real deal!!!..

My style hasnt changed much and honestly i havent been able to shop for new things because a girl is gats to save money yooo!! So am just recycling my old clothes.. soo enjoy i dnt have much to say!!

Talk soon xoxo Tega