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Valentine: single  girls edition
Hey single ladies! As we all know that time of the year we all dread is here! Valentine's day! The day it is thrown in our face just how single we are, when lovers show how much they love each other (or how much is in their bank account) and people have an excuse to dress up in red (uggh!). As much as we single ladies dread it, it's a day we have to live through. So you see, i've been single almost every valentine but this is going to be the last one, somebody shout amen! (ilorin witches fall down and die) overtime, I learnt to make myself happy on this day instead of wallowing in self pity. Now i'll give you the do's and don't's of valentine's day,you don't want to be more miserable than you already are
1DON'T -Never ever, ever, send yourself a present and pretend it's from your lover/partner, significant other or admirer: its may seem like a good idea when you are thinking of how everyone would be showing off their gifts and you'll just be sitting in a corner being the loser but don't! That's the real loser move! Treat yourself alright, hell even buy yourself a nice gift but don't pretend it's from someone else.Embrace your single status it would change soon
DO: Be thankful! It's just a reminder to be thankful! For everything, for your life, for your family and friends.For being able to witness another valentine day even if you are single, thank God for preparing the man of your dreams, for preparing his pocket for the many many gifts he's going to buy you in the future.
DO: Treat yourself , because you are not in a relationship doesn't mean you shouldn't have a great day too. Book a spa session, call up your girlfriends and plan a nice dinner or buy yourself a nice box of chocolate and indulge. You can also go all out and buy yourself that expensive bag/earring/shoe  you've had your eyes on..Go ahead and be your valentine and be shameless about it
DON'T -Don't over indulge- yes I said you should buy yourself a box of chocolate and indulge but this doesn't mean you should sit in front of the tv with a huge box of chocolate and bottle of wine and eat and drink yourself to stupor while watching romantic movies. You know how that adds to your waistline and it's just a sad thing to do
DO: Turn up!!  *It's Friday night and i'm feeling right*
Luckily for we single ladies, valentine falls on a friday this year, so you can stop being miserable, put on your best outfit and hit the hottest club in town. Dance the night away and enjoy! You can enjoy the rest of the weekend too and you don't have to worry about your friends/co workers going on about how the day was the next day, it would have died down my Monday (except the oversabi's)
DON'T- Don't plan/attend any 'I hate valentine' events..unless you hate it of course. As much as valentine is not the best holiday for we single ladies theres so much more to it asides getting chocolates, perfumes, fancy gifts (and N1000 boxers). Its about expression of love so show some love to the less priveledged and those you feel need it, call up your girlfriends and tell them how much you love them, your family, your parents..just tell them how much you love and appericiate them. Besides those 'I hate valentine' events are just downright pathetic
So there you have it ladies! If there's any other do's or don't you feel I omitted use the comment section and let me know! Have a fabulous valentine's day ladies!


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