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Hey my dear people of Zamunda..

So i haven't done any outfit post this new year so as usual , am gonna be doing a re-run of what i have worn so far, and i also wanted to blab about my family for a little while so allow me and stay with me lol.
 Am going to start with my dad, as the head of the family; my dad and i have our moments lol we fight most of the time (of cos the fight is one sided lol because i cant fight back all i can do is turn into a freshly baked bread out of anger lol) but then he is MY FATHER  he makes sure i am alwasy comfortable anywhere i am and he is a good man.
 My eldest brother Kelly Baah hmmm well Kelly is like the standard (even though they don't admit it) if you are a Baah you a Baah you gotta work to meet or beat; people say he is very handsome *i don't see it lol*, he doesn't like all these our Serenre (hair, make-up, lashes etc) if i tell you the lectures i get everyday for using these stuff ehnn you will pity me lol, so *hint hint girls, if you wan toast my brother make sure that you are all natural baby lol*. Kelly is very smart and articulate about his decisions and the things he does which is a really good example for me...

 My immediate elder brother Edafe Baah this one ehnn if i open chapter for him head i nor go end here today, my personal annoy-er, my partner in crime, my fellow orobo in the house. Dafe is funny, fun to be with, very very jovial and welcoming whenever am with him, he has the ability to lift up my spirit if am sad or not in the mood, my defender.. Okay that's enough before he starts getting too happy with his life lol.
 My younger sister Precious Baah, this little chick is HILARIOUS you must always be laughing when you are with my sister, she always has something smart to say, she makes me feel like am in my teens again and even though she is very young, she gives GREAT advice, i talk to  her about anything lol. Sometimes i wonder how someone so young is able to relate to my almost grown up life issues lol... she is just the best i couldn't have asked for a better sister.
 i saved the best for last, ell some people say they don't have a favorite in their house, well i do and that's MY MUM.... my mum is THE ABSOLUTE BEST, i would be lost without this woman, she taught me everything from being stylish, to having a sense of humor even in crisis, to wanting to know God more, to boys and love etc, when i start talking about my mother my heart always sink inside because she is everything ( when i meet whoever i would end up with, i would know because my heart will sink inside, and then i would be able to say '"i love this person")..... i never get tired of saying I LOVE MY MOTHER.. one day i will write a book about her, she gave me everything, well apart from her height but the rest of it, if you see me you have seen my mother.. She is a good dancer, comedian (that's were precious gets it from) BLUNT beautiful GODLY etc woman i know.. I JUST LOVE THIS WOMAN SOO MUCH

Okay its enough talk about this my raggedy family, we are not even close to been perfect, but we have learnt through time that its by sticking together that we will make it  I LOVE MY  FAMILY...  ENJOY PICTURES










  1. i have always loved and admired this family.. esp your mum, the way she acts as if she is your elder sister,, and you and precious.. damn i envy your relationship you never act 22 around her and thats how your mum never act her age around you... GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY


  2. Hmmmmm..can't stop smiling.Nice nd funny piks u'v all got,nd vry short bt intresting story about ur family.God guide nd bless ur family.......

  3. Kelly now i know where u got it from... it runs in the family... nice family

    1. thank you so much on my behalf and kelly's behalf

  4. your family is the best! and you are all beautiful! specially your mum!<333


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