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Hey Zamunda, how are you guys doing?
Am sure you probably wondering about he reason for this post title; keep calm i will explain. Most of my readers are students like me, so we dont have time to use all our pocket money on buying clothes. People say i have too many clothes, this is not 100% correct lol its just the way i restyle my clothes that what gives that impression. So here are few tips on working with what you already have in your closet.
You need to have these essentials in your wardrobe that will enable you re rock your clothes differently, from hats, scarf, hair ribbons, beret etc. when adding extra pieces like that in your wardrobe, it will look like its a different clotheJewelries; switching different kinds of jewelries on the same clothes draw the attention from the dress to the jewelry. This makes the outfit different from when you wore it the last time.Turning you maxi dress into a maxi skirt; this is my favorite thing to do i always turn my dresses to fun skirts, this …


Hey Zamunda peeps, hope you guys have been amazing from the last time we talked?.... I want to talk about lip-stains today *hellur*, i hear a lot of people complain about lip-stains that they cant use it because of so many reasons; some of them are
it breaks after a short while it is very difficult to remove it dries up on the lips and makes it look very rough etc Well that's because you don't know how to apply it, but I've gats good news for you!!!!!!!!! i will teach you lol. Here are some simple rules to follow when using a lip stain
Use a transparent lip gloss as a base before applying the lip-stain *just a tinny winny bit* When you apply the lip-stain make sure you do not rub on your lips together, you have to wait for it to dry first before you rub your lips together  Removing it is very simple, you can use a cotton wool and your baby oil to wipe it off or you can use you face wipes to wipe it off; using just water and soap is not going to work for it... I like lip stai…


Hello dear Zamunda people, hope you guys are doing well. So i havent posted in awhile because i cut my hair and i was waiting for all the ' you cut your hair?' question to die down lol *am lying i was just busy and lazy at the same time*...

Anywho so i have joined the low cut train and i will give reasons why i decided to cut my hair.. so please nobody should cry on behlaf of my hair again lol..

i cut my hair because the texture of the hair became really bad because i had done too much to the hairi cut my hair because it started to define who i was and i paid too much attention to the hair i cut my hair because its on my 2014 bucket list i cut my hair because i wanted to challenge myself i cut my hair in other to see how my dressing style will evolve around it i cut my hair to prove to myself that valuable things can be lost ......
Okay that is enough reason for one day..... So speaking of dressing style i have accumulated some outfit pictures i have worn with this short hair, …