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Hey Zamundans

   How are you guys doing today, hope ya'al went to church yoo its the last sunday of the year thats the least you owe yourselves.
Before we talk about today's outfit i want to talk about this issue, now mind you am not the type to be projecting my feelings about my weight and all that watnot; i am VERY comfortable in my skin and i am very confident in myself i don't have to be shouting about 'teamskinny' or 'teamorobo'.. i am only talking about this because of the question a young girl asked me after church today; she said 'sis tega how do you do it; how are you able to be this happy and always in he front with your weight?' mind you this is a very skinny girl asking me this nonsense *mtcheew* well i had to give her this long lecture of how what size you are shouldn't determine how you live your life and the decisions you make. Being fat or skinny isn't a determinant of determination to put hard-work into becoming successful, …



 how are you guys doing?. I will try to give you guys more post, it will take me time to settle in because honestly, i don't feel like putting in too much effort these days * the effects of cape coast lol*... Anywho please spread the gospel  that am back and there is not going to be any robbery again in Jesus name.
  To the outfit of the day, i was stepping out with my dad and those of you that know me closely will know that my daddy is a 'guy man' so i had to be 'guy girl'. Decided to go with this cute shirt that was turned into a crop top for me and this AMAZING kicks my brother and got me and the gorj... bag i got from my friend (kay kay) for my birthday, i didnt go with alot Of accessories because i have been told i wear too much of it soo am tryna bing out lol.. just this neck piece i got for my birthday two years ago* i just realize i get a lot of things lol*  Hope i ACED this look bebes
 talk soon
 Xoxo Tega


Hey Zamundans.......

Whats been popping with you guys?.... Well let me tell you guys why i havent been here lately, thats because I WAS ROBBED YOOOO... i was 'stripped' of every gadget i had.... But its all good, its been a blessing in disguise.
 But not to worry this babe is back so expect regular updates from me now aii..

On a more happier note; how have you guys been?  I missed blogging mehnnn even tho its alota work, i missed it... Hope you guys are having the best of holidays and had a great christmas

Well i dun gats much to say.. talk soon

                  Xoxo Tega