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So this is another post on outfits and i am sooo glad that people show me thier inspired wears.... shout out to you lovely Zamundans *yes if you have opened this blog you automatically belong to Zamunda!!! lol* enjoy..

This bodycon skirt is a DIY 'ASHEWO SLIT' i did myself, i felt the skirt needed some kinda life...
 Skirt, sandals, neckpiece from: JULZ BOUTIQUE IN CAPE COAST..
 Top from Accra market.
 Glass: Prada.
 Bag: Gift from my darling taofy!!!...


 This whole outfit is from my mums boutique apart from the bag and neckpiece, the neckpiece is from Julz boutique and the bag is a birthday gift from my SWEETHEART KAYLEEN... And the hair scarf is from my grandma's collections....


 So yesterday i was feeling really sad and depressed for some reason i dont understand *maybe becuase my phone and tab crashed*... so i decided bright up my world with colorful outfits.... how did i do with the color blocking.. and i cant remember why i got all this …


Hey dear Zamunda....

The queen *which is me* incase you are wondering, has been very very busy/lazy of late, please forgive......, *am i forgiven?*... i know how to bribe you, i would update three post immediately.
 So this first one is a qiuck lesson for achieving curls without rollers 'the bantu for relaxed hair'... all you need are combs, dark and lovely styling mist(or any other hold in you have) and then a styling mousse; i use navagold soo,,,  moving on to steps and pictures

Step one is to come out the hair and apply the mousse and styling mist to it and then braid it into smaller sections like this

When this is done twist it up which is easy

Sorry i decided to have fun taking the pictures lo

 To note that you have to this over night to achieve nice thick bouncy curls.... and this is the result!!!!.... see its nice and easy!

 Hope this help... and if you have any questions i would love to hear.... go rock your bantu!!!!!!


Hey lovely Zamundans.....

long time no post ehnnn... hope you guys are doing well yooo...  So because of school work, business and other 'serenre'.. i have decided to be updating blog three times a week, so with that i can fix it into my schedule *wink wink*.... those it work for you guys?.

Anywho guess who turned 22 on the 7th? *hands in the hair* ME ME ME!!!!! i wonna use this medium to THANK EVERYBODY FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES, MESSAGES, PRAYERS ETC.... Wow,, i never i was soo significant in peoples lives until that say,the messages i got hmmmmm mind blowing..... am soo grateful.. People ask me why am announcing my age lol... my dear i have no idea ehnnn i just think for our part of the world if you are twenty two and is almost done with school, not preggs or hiv positive lol (not that am judging) and have a good plan for the future; it is something to be proud about right? AM JUST JOKING THOUGH.... Well my birthday was AMAZEBALLZ WATTT...... the puff puff and zobo party…