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Hey Zamunda peeps..... you are you guys 'zdoing'?
 So an unfortunate thing happened to me last night....,*crying as i begin the story* i couldnt sleep and i was watching Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Haves not *can i just say an OMG  to that series its soooo Hamazing... i told ya'all that my husband TP is the best lol yes he will marry me stop hating*.... okay back to the matter.. as i was watching the series and playing with my yarn braids., i all of a sudden became sick of it sooo i picked up a scissors and cut it!!!!!, please dnt ask me why thats the question for the okpe gods to answer... i was sooo pained after cutting it*still crying*.... so thats my sad story, my friend said am a hot mess, do you agree? .....

So after taking out my hair i decided todo a post on keeping your unrelaxed stubborn African hair in check... Amma be talking about some few things soo walk with me willya!...

● Hair shedding/breaking: I dnt even know if what i wrote is correct lol.... i was worried that my hair was pulling out and my friend explained to me why that she said that the hair that was shedding they are just dead hairs that were stuck in the braids  so they just came out when i took them off and then they need to come out for new fresh hairs to grow... soo when your shedding after braids dont worry its just giving way for new fresh hairs to grow....
 ● You know how your hair ties at the tip when you just take your braids out?.... dont force to comb it out put conditioner in it and then leave it for like 15mins before combing... it reduces the rate of the pain and then reduces the rate at which the hair pulls out...
 ● Now to talking about keeping the hair 'calm'.... if you are like me that have full African stubborn hair; am sure you will understand my pain lol... because of the way our hair is hard girls tend to retouch their hair all the time, hunay that aint right... i for one relax my hair 4 to 5 times a year.... it keeps my hair strong and healthy and then the tip of my hair is not weak and thin.... soo dnt go on a relaxing spree..

Am sorry i couldnt take pictures of my hair when i took it out but when i washed it, i air dryed it cos its better, too much heat aint good too for your hair too.. After i air dryed i added my hair food cream which is dax hair

This is what my hair looked like after air drying it....... Now when you are combing your hair that is not relaxed, do well to start from the bottom.. like soo... it reduces pain, divide it into different section and then comb in bits

 After combing it its gonna look like this

 Now this is the point to apply heat so that when you hold it in a pony or whatever you wonna do its gonna be neat and 'calm'.... i held mine up in a pony.....

So  thats how i keep my stubborn African  unrelaxed hair in check.....
 Air dry it, comb it from the root, apply heat and the do what ever i wonna do with it...

P.S the hand dryer  i have have this big tooth like comb i used to comb it


  1. Tega why did you take out those braids.... *crying with you*.....
    Anyways thanks for the hair tip.... i now know not to keep relaxing my hair everyother week and gurllll your hair is FULL YOOO

  2. Your hair looks soo relaxed and in your words 'calm' I can neva get mine to be dat obedient.. Do you have a other tip?... Pls do share.. Great blog btw! I love it


  3. Nice tip Tega,nd ur rily did luk stuborn nd den calm at last,wil try it. Outta girl.

  4. Tega please could you make a video of how you relax your hair and the products you use..m cos your hair is damn too full.... And P.S mad at you for taking out those nice braids...


  5. where did you get that big tooth comb hair dryer

  6. Tega I need that Big Tooth comb hair dryer for my daughter's hair.....

    1. I got it from an outlet in Ghana.. i will contact them and see where they got it from for you!


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