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Hey Zamunda...... How are my peeps doing?...... I know I know i have been mia for a while now, but it aint my 100% my fault.... I promise to try and update more...... So to the post, this post is very very dear and special to me cos it was written by one of my good friend, she is going to be giving us the scoop about singlehood.... well until God helps her life and she finally gets a man lol... till then enjoy her insight... its really fun to read trust me!!!!

Hello y'all! Welcome to dairy of a single girl..*plays beyonce's single ladies and does the dance* okay, my prayer for all of you is that you won't be singing this song at a friends wedding when you are 35 (someone shout amen!!!)
*Disclaimer: this is not a pity party for the single ladies and I'm not a man or relationship hater
Okay, down to business, this post is about relationship and love from a single girl's perspective. Well I'm not an expert on relationships or love (hello, I'm single! Lol) but that's not to say I don't know a thing or two about it, Maybe I even know too much,maybe that's why I'm single, Lol!
I've only been in one relationship in my life and this was when I was 17. I just wanted to try it out and my friends were already nagging me to give someone a chance and he seemed decent so I decided to give it a try, 9 months later, I decided it wasn't my thing and opted out and since then I've been single. When I tell people I'm single they always go 'you are lying' 'how can a girl like you say you don't have a bf' I'm just always confused..what kind of girl should be or not be in a relationship? LOL!
I can't really say this is why I'm single(crazy, I know) but I have an idea.

A lot of guys have approached me for a relationship but when I analyze the situation I just feel like I'm settling and that's what I will always tell anyone who cares to listen NEVER settle! Unless you are 35 with no boyfriend of course (lol) and not settling doesn't mean you are picky, it just means you have set a standard you would like to maintain but you can bend and tweak if the person meets most of your requirements. A lot of people have accused me of being picky but I can't settle for someone I won't be happy with all in the name of a relationship, I'm sorry. Another thing I always say is never date out of pity, because you will regret it and hurt the other person. I think its totally unfair to be dragging someone along just because
you pity the person or the person has been really persistent, just leave the person for someone that will appreciate them.
There are a no of things I've noted single girls do including me sadly
Always anticipating the one ;when they start talking to a guy, they put him on the 'scale' weighing if he's a possible option. There's nothing bad here I mean its only natural but you need to calm down and stop fretting. The 'one' will come when you least expect it,till then,put on some lipstick and have a nice cocktail.
Wallowing in self pity ; we are all familiar with this one, asking yourself questions 'am I not pretty or sexy enough?' 'Is there something about me that repulses guys?' 'Maybe I should lower my standards' 'why am I the only single one amongst my friends'. Honey, you are fine just the way you are!

Expecting knight in shining armour ; yes I said don't settle for less than you deserve, but your knight in shining armour may just be covered with mud from his horses feet so you need to pray to God to open your heart to who he has designed for you. Things don't always come in the packages we expect.
Envying your friends in relationships and feeling sorry for yourself; yes, been in a relationship is beautiful! I have friends that are in beautiful, healthy relationships that I admire and I would want that for myself someday but I won't force it,because if you force it, it won't be beautiful.
Okay so these are some of my views and thoughts I wanted to share, being single can be fun if you make it because your self worth is not tied to anybody. I'm still young and I have a beautiful life ahead, good friends who support me and a family that is always there.
I believe my prince charming's horse broke down, therefore he is been delayed and till he gets here I'll be loving life and living single xx
We shall be talking more about love and relationships from a single girl's perspective

*for those above 35, single and reading this post please refer to following crusade posters and make it a duty to attendp


  1. hahahahaha tess... God Job, great post.... hope you would be updating more?

    And tega i LOVE thy blog keep it up!.. and can we find you elsewhere?

  2. Lol its as if Tess is speaking directly 2 me. I'm about to date a guy cos I pity him but now that I've read this, I will remain single and kindly let him down

  3. Preach sister!!!!!

  4. yesso.... where else can we find you madam tega..... and tessy please more of such post i really enjoyed it!!!! i dnt get it too when i say am single....


  5. That was awesome. Love it! I thought I was d only 1 who thought that way about being single.

  6. Tessy hahahahaha very inspiring and fuuny... I pray none of us attend any of thses crusades IJN


  7. This was very good !! Thanks Tessy !

  8. Tessy Tessay! Proud Of You Babe

  9. This s rili luvly..gurls should read this..

  10. Best BLOG ever

  11. Single ladies rock

  12. Lmao! The pictures are too funny!! Preach Tessyyy wonder!hahaha

  13. ebony L♥√€21 October 2013 at 05:03

    Nice one keep it up


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