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2 IN 1

Hey yoooo Zamundans...... wats been popping??

Well i really dnt have much to say today cos am very tired..... Anywho, i wonna tell all my frnds that graduated uni today a very big CONGRATULATIONS..... it aint easy mehnnnn to go through my school and still come out sane!.

With that been said i also wonna add that am working on spicy topics and other kool stuff unno other than bring you guys BORING OUTFIT POST... but till then please bare with me 'wai' and like i always say am very open to suggestions, so if you have an idea that i would be interested in lemme know.....

Quick question please; do you guys want me todo a video tutorial on a very very simple everyday make-up?....

And ohh please dont forget to go on the kimono post and suggest what you want me to give for the giveaway coming up really soon,.... its all in the spirit of my 22nd birthday yooo *NA GOD OHHH*

Unto the outfit; what i wore for the graduation days.... the first day i wore my cute skirt *i have done and outfit post with it before tho* but i think i like this re-styling berra cos peeps be saying i was looking beauriful... the second day i went all denim cray again which wasnt the original plan because the extremely cute peplum dress i had planned to wear; the zip f**ked me up mehnn... i was pained but i think i was happy with my lerra choice... which do you prefer?


  1. the first one is very fine, but i sha like the second one more becos its very different....

    And yes please tega i want a video please... Great job, great blog,,, i love it and you

  2. yes please i want a video and i like both outfit is hard for me to decide

  3. i like the second outfit better..... you know how to combine denim well... and you are beautiful too.. i Love you style and you have a new fan......

    keep it up dear!


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