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Hey Zamundans....

How are you guys doing?? good thanks for asking!!!!..... The guest feature for the beautiful design called VNC... Pictures and story after the cut... ENJOY!!!!!!!

Vera Akporeha is Creative Director and CEO of VeraNora Couture (VNC), an Urban African Fashion Label based in Warri, DeltaState. She started VeraNora in 2009, inspired by her mother, Nora, who is a retiree, at the age of 18 while still in the University of Port Harcourt majoring in Biochemistry.
 VeraNora started out as a hobby with just one tailor in her employment and two dresses a week, four years later, it is now a Full Fashion house with specialty in Both Women's and Men's Fashion with more than 12 staff and interns in the training division and a factory that produces over 500 dresses a month supplied to a nationwide market.
Miss Vera was Recently Nominated for the Prestigious "FUTURE Awards Africa2013 in the Fashion and style Category for her achievements this passed year in the Fashion industry.
 The label has featured in Fashion shows in Port Harcourt and Delta State and in Magazines and websites like BellaNaija, Ono Bello, TwinsGist, ObiNaija, and Linda Ikeji Blog. Her creations have been showcased on runways and red carpets across the country worn by celebrities and beauty queens like the Miss Nigeria and MBGN Winners for 2012.
 She is currently filming a Style Programme with a Lagos based TV and Media Company to be aired on DSTV. Vera also runs a social responsibility project where she gives back to her community by running free design training programmes for young girls in Warri and craft making for secondary school students during the Summer holidays. In addition, the studio runs skills acquisition training for NYSC members. The aim of VeraNora is to become a truly Nigerian retail fashion brand and in line with its CSR programmes,  to inspire young people to follow their dreams. She blogs at



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Hey kinks what's up y'all?.... Greetings! I hope everyone is having a fab day?

Okay so to the post what is a split end?  The end of a hair strand is damaged resulting in the strand separating into two or more fragments.

Hair breakage is more of a problem for naturals than split ends because split ends is as a result of many activities that a TRUE natural try to avoid..

Most naturals really suffer from hair breakage and I used to be a part of the team (even do my hair still breaks it has reduced a lot)

Here are five tips to help you manage hair breakage..

TRIM YOUR HAIR AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE:I came in contact with someone who told me that she has a phobia for cutting her hair and she was worried she was weird, but the psychologist in  me didn't see her as crazy though, this is a real problem that a lot of women have. With that being said,  trimming your hair doesn't mean you are cutting it off, it means you cutting of the damaged ends to allow new growth to be possible.


Hey kinks what's up y'all? Happy weekend darlings..

So based on the numerous questions on hair growth, here are three reasons why your hair isn't growing.

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Hey kinks how are you doing? hope everyone is doing exceptionally well? so today i am going to be sharing with  you ten healthy ways you can manage shrinkage.
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