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Style Transition; the Tiwa Savage effect

Hey beautiful people, how are we doing?

soo decided to write about how my style has evolved over the years *am sure most of you guys would relate to this*,, anywho talking about my style, it has transformed and taking a better shape *To note that am no expert i learn everyday and i learn from people, ask questions, people also tell me what to do sometimes out of the kindness of thier heart lol... infact i even make blunders most of the time and i learn from them to become a better dressed persin*. i used to say more is more, a few years back and my quote was 'red is the new black'..........but it is shocking even for me how my style has transformed and has become a little bit fresh!!!!!*still in the transformation process everyday*
 why i titled it the tiwa savage effect is because if you look at tiwa savage style, it is very refreshing and simple, classy and trendy..., she has a very mature approach to the way she styles herself.
 Tiwa for me explains how style should be in …


okay soooo people that are 'closest' to me know i LOVE watching movies and series, its my way of relaxing.. sooo i decided to list my fav movies and sitcoms for the holiday season and ya'all can check it out

okay sooo my fav for now is LOST GIRL..... i have been blabing about this series since when i started watching it (its a supernatural fiction)... this series is HAMAZING *well not that a support lesbianism but the whole idea behind the series is beautiful*

Again anybody who know me knows that I am a TYLER PERRY FREAK......i love love love love tyler perry and all his work am just going to list all tyler perry's job i have seen

why did i get married (movie)
 why did i get married too (movie)
 whats done in the dark (stage play)
 madea's christmas(stage play)
 the marriage counselor(stage play)
 the gospel (movie)
 the family that preys (movie)
 meet the browns (movie and sitcom)
 madea's family reunion(stage play and movie)
 madea's class reunion(stage p…

saturday turn up

Its saturday and am turning it up!!!!!!!!!!
did you ask where am turning it up to?
i will tell you.........ermmmmm

i have a meeting with a vendor owner this evening, she wants me to see and review the stuffs she has, this is the first time am going to be meeting her so i want to dress to impress, show her i can be fun and lively *side note* she has seen pictures of me looking normal..,so today i want to show her i can be abnormal sometimes lol
 anyways pictures after the cut......
 also i had to go out with some friends soo i had to restyle the same outfit and TURNED IT UP!!!!

the outfit after the meeting........

the jacket trend

okay soo for this season i am into using jackets to compliment my style, the reason is because its freaking cokd here.....all of you in obodoyibo be complaining of heat,me am crying because of cold

so for me jacket is my best buddie now. And also because of work!!!! *they want to use A/C to finish my life, they have forgotten am coming from Ghana. soo after the cut are some of my fav. jacket stylings.... which one of these is urs?

princess of Zamunda

sooo as i got into the office today, my HR saw me and said 'princess tega from zamunda kingdom'  lol i couldnt help but give her a lol.... apparently i look like someone from zamunda
 okay for today's post i was lazy and tired, its monday *and ya'all know how the monday trend is right?....* getting uo from the bed was very hard, i woke up late, through on the first thig my hands coukd find and  i was good to go

and i wrapped my head with a scalf because i was sick of combing it everyday........ see pictures after the cut

just because i can * you can too*

so this was an outfit i wore to work one of those days, its kind of bizzare looking but i didnt care lol cos i liked it and felt comfortable in it sooooo i was like 'whatever i will wear it anywyas'

my point here is 'do what you you are comfortable doing,so long as you arent Hurting anybody or breaking the law............go ahead and do it!!!!!!!' dont live your lives based on the judgements of others. There is this warri idiom that says' if you do dem go talk, if you nor do dem go still talk'
decided to go with a bun hairstyle; please if you would like to know how i did the hair let me know!!!!!!

this last picture for me signifies that life is not that serious soo sometimes chillout and play a lil bit ;) ;)