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whats the latest fashion trend?

hi dolls! okay before i say anything the first thing i would like to say its to apologies for being so lazy to update this blog! idk wat is wrong with me.. let all hands join and pray for me not to be lazy! lolzzz.
so as i always like to start on a gud and easy note; how is ya'all?

back to the topic of the day, i was asking wat the latest fashion trend was and i got nothing, because i have discovered dat fashion is evolving anything that is not invoke now will definitely come back. i remember wen my dad use to tell me they wore alot of suspenders to hold their trousers and my mum used to say they wore a lot of palazo trousers and it was very fashionable den, and i laffed so hard at those pics i saw of them. But as i grew wat did my eyes see; all those things started coming back and i even wore some of them. so the thing now is, well as my mum use to say every time
"fashion is very gud tega, but it is not everything dat that is invoke dat u shud wear", so am saying the sa…