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just thinking

so after my exams on Wednesday i relaxed and the next they i set out my journey of getting my beauty on!!!!! lool. i went to get my hair done and i decided to do a fringe to try somtyn new and different (that is wat fashion is all about trying somting new and taking risk lol) then after that i went to do my nails;did i normal curve tips nails and i painted it a with a very sharp red color, then i got my ears pierced!!!!!!!!(that was exciting) but it still hurts. well that was what i did back to what i was thinking was that, well alot of people look up to what i wear, my sense of fashion and all dat (very flattering). and i thought that my sense of style is me! is wat i love doing i like keeping up with the trend and i like been beautiful and y people liked it is becos i liked it first(when i wear a dress,do my make up or get my hair done, i appreciate wat am wearing first of all no matter wat it is). and if people learn to be more appreciative of wat they have, i think this world wud b…

beauty from within

Before i start i want to thank the almighty God for seeing me through my exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 am so happy am done with it.  That been said i wanna talk about beauty from within, lemme ask one question if yhu dont think yhu are beautiful then who do yhu expect to think that way for yhu?  and secondly there is a clear difference between been pretty and been beautiful. No offense  to models but been pretty is like been a model yhu just want to look fine for the camera. been pretty also means just striving to look fine outwardly *wearing gud clothes, having the best type of hair, been in shape etc* but been beautiful is a different ball game altogether, beauty is not just an outward thing it comes from the inside and then reflect on the outside. been beautiful is having a 
---- decent character 
----been intelligent *u can see a good looking girl but yhu wud be shocked to hear what proceeds from their mouth* ---- having a gud amount of will power for certain things ---- been confident in yhurs…

Favourite color!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmmm what is yhur favorite color?. well everybody around my know that my favorite color is RED!!!!!!. i dont know y i like it but i just do! i cant actually dress up without having an atom of red in my dressing lol. there most be something red in what i wear  lol.... 
 i guess the reason why i like it so much is because it goes with everything (red is the new black lol) my lecturer once told me i have color blindness *not that i care* lol  --- i also like it becos it goes or compliment my skin tone  --- it also speaks alot about my personality before i talk u can actually have a clue of who i am --- i just think RED is an awesome color 
       when picking or choosing a favorite color it should be something u just love like u share a secrete relationship with the color lol. it should speak about who your are and the color should be able to make a statement for yhu. and the best is whenever yhu have it on it makes yhu feel a 100% confident in yhurself. if u need tips on picking a color o…

make up

hello peeps gud day.. well am talking about make up this morning!!!!!!! and the first make up iam gonna be talking about is SMILING that is the best make up to ever wear for starters. i like using the dictionary and it says 'smiling is a facial expression'. I decided to talk about smile because i tink most people(girls especially) do not practice this gud habit. Iyam going to tell yhu wat i tink smiling is, i tink that smiling comes from the soul of a person!!!!. i know i know people say 'that i cant be walking around showing my teeth to people', even i say it!!!!!. showing yhur teeth to people and smiling are two distinguished things. when u show yhur teeth to people i think that is pretending but wen u smile  yhur tell yhurself and the whole world that even though there are some problems yhur are at peace............. permit me to say African girls have this nasty attitude towards people!!!!! lemme give yhu a scenario. okay so in my skool, the place where i lived in …

what i think fashion is

well the English dictionary says that fashion is a style and design of clothes. they are correct though. but to me i think there is a clear difference between fashion and style while fashion come and go style is what remains with yhu. saying u stylish doesn't  necessarily mean yhu are keeping up with the trend i personally its a thing of the mind and it expresses itself in our everyday way of it in the way we dress do our make up and in the way we talk yes i said in the way we talk lol hearing some people talk, all i can say is 'shut the hell up dude/dudette'. in conclusion to the directless stuff am writing i just want to say when style and fashion is blended i tink young people of my age would feel good about themselves, be confident and be able to achieve whatever they want to achieve in this world   p.s know that first impression count. the picture of my friend ify.


hello my beautiful peaple of the world. well my first starter would be to introduce myself to you guys. my name is Baah Oghenetega Elizabeth, but everybody calls me tega.
I am a student in the university of cape coast in Ghana in my second year doing psychology. Apart from what i study in school i have other ares of interest which include acting.dancing.singing and fashion(everything fashion baby).
I am a very happy girl,am hardly sad i just get bored somtimes...... so i guess i have said enough.. ohh about my family i come from the most amazing family ever my parent, i have two lovely and handsome elder brothers and one very beautiful younger chap lol..... weel i guess thats it for any questions ask me on my blog or email me at