Monday, 29 January 2018


Hey kinks whats up?how are you guys doing? 
So I finally get the chance to wash my hair tomorrow and that has inspired today's post and I will be sharing with you guys why I prefer FINGER DETANGLING 

  1.  RETAINING LENGTH: If you are looking to grow luscious beautiful black hair I will strongly recommend you using your fingers to detangle your hair rather than using any kind of brush or combs. I know that it takes longer to do but it is the best as it helps you see where little knots are made and you will be able to untie them gently and easily.. So always opt for the finger detangle option.
  2. REDUCES HEADACHES: I always get the 'omg Tega doesn't your head hurt when you comb it?' and my answer is always 'no it doesn't because i do not comb my hair' and the crowd always go 'EHN'. When you finger detangle, you are not tugging at your scalp or pulling your hair/head in different directions so it will definitely reduce the risk if you getting headache and the task of hair maintenance becomes less burdensome and dreaded. 
  3. HELPS YOU KNOW/UNDERSTAND YOUR HAIR BETTER: I have a mixture of a 4c and a 4b hair type and the middle of my hair tends to dry out faster and get more tangled than the rest of the hair. I learnt and discovered this because of my finger detangling process, you can only know your hair when you interact with it. When you finger detangle, it gives you a better understanding and feel of what your hair does and how it operates. 
  4. THERAPEUTIC: This is relative and might not be for everyone, when I am in the process of finger combing my hair, it relaxes me and eases my tension (I have a tendency to be tensed a lot) by the time I am through with my whole head, I am relaxed and might of forgotten what was tensing me up or found a solution to the problem. 
  5. PRODUCES STRONGER HAIR GROWTH FROM THE FOLLICLES: This right now will be science, so when you comb your and put lots of tension to your scalp, your brain and your hair growth hormone begin to send signals to each other to produce stronger hair strands than normal and then when those very strong hair strands grow, they become weak at the tip and then starts to break or fall off.
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Tega Elizabeth Baah.
This is the amount of hair I lost from finger detangling.
Which is very normal.

Saturday, 27 January 2018


Hey kinks! first things first HAPPY NEW YEAR (better late than never right?) 
So this is whole new blog all together, I felt very dragged back by the other blog (which is still functional by the way) I probably can't explain it in but I just felt like it was very back dated from the person I am now and it had gone through so many changes and development and I honestly think that nobody took me seriously with that blog anymore. So I decided to have a clean fresh start with a specific defined purpose and theme.

So to the post which is the first post for this blog and I think its appropriate to talk about it would be BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO GO NATURAL. Lately I have gotten a lot of DM's about wanting to go natural and how they should go about it. But I believe that there are just a few things we should talk about before you make that decision 
    1. MANAGEABILITY: If we are all going to be honest with ourselves natural hair is not a walk in the park. If you want full luscious hair then you must be willing to put in the work. Our hair respond well to routine and structure so you have to decide to work that routine yourself or make plans and budget for it.
    2. DIFFICULTY: Some 4C/B hair can be very hard and difficult to maintain, it requires extra effort to keep the hair in check and sometimes when people are not patient enough, they just give up and perm the hair. 
    3. WHY ARE YOU GOING NATURAL?: Are you doing it because you saw my hair and its fine for you? or is it because it is the latest trend invoke? you have to dig deep and ask yourself these basic questions. It may not seem that deep right now but trust me as time goes on you will begin to see the importance of image and what you represent.
    4. MONEY: Keeping natural hair can be some sort expensive so you should be ready to save, and plan a budget towards your hair products and maybe your hair salon appointments (which can be sometimes more expensive than your normal wash and dry). 
    5. TIME: This is just a sub heading of manageability, it requires time to take care of your hair, wash days are usually the whole day for some people in fact two days for some like me. so what ever you love, you will create time for.
In conclusion, don't just get up and say you are going natural just because. Study your hair and learn properly about it before you do!. 

Hope you guys found this post helpful?... This is a fresh start and a new beginning, so we will be more committed to blogging now (hopefully fingers crossed). 
Tega Elizabeth Baah